Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich

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Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich
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Pin: Crown,

First Founders Council Members from India

Markets: India, Canada


LOS Upline: Soni, Nitin & Parul
Website: http://www.brittindia.com

They were the first distributors to qualify Diamond in India. One of the fastest diamond all over the world. They were in Diamond qualification in just 9 months.

They were also the first Indian to qualify EDC, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond (2009) & now First Founder Triple Diamond (2010) in India.

2009 Update: They are also the first Indian Diamond to enter the Founders Council Member Group. They got 19 FAA points from the India market and Amway Global gave them 1 FAA points from Canada market to total it to 20 FAA points in order to qualify for Founders Council Member Group.

2010 Update: They requalified as Founders Council Member and also qualified Founders Triple Diamond.

Upline Diamond

Downline Diamond

Success Story

from Amway India Amagram, January 2008

I was born in a small village by the name of Braich, in district Hoshiarpur of Punjab. I belonged to a very simple family of farmers. My parents wanted me to become a doctor, as I was one of the brilliant students in my class since beginning.

In year 1970, I got married to Dr. Mohinder. My wife was born in district Lahore of Pakistan. Her parents were very rich back in Pakistan, but in 1947 they had to migrate to Punjab leaving all their riches behind. When they were back in India they had to live a middle class lifestyle. Her parents used to talk about their good days in Pakistan which inspired her to become a doctor and made her determined to regain the lost wealth.

After doing our MBBS in 1968, we started PCMS job in Punjab as medical officers. At that time our salary was Rs 1000 each. Both of us were big dreamers and wanted a beautiful house, big cars, good education for our children and to travel around the world. After a short time we realized that job cannot fulfill our dreams, so after three years we resigned from the job and started our own nursing home. As we were hard workers, big dreamers and visionary people, in a few years we became rich and fulfilled many of our dreams.

We have two beautiful children; our daughter Dr. Lavleen Riar is married to Jagbinder Riar and have two wonderful children – son Satjeevan Singh Riar and daughter Gurleen Kaur Riar. Our son Dr. Harleen Braich is married to Dr. Sandeep Braich and they also have two wonderful children – daughter Mehrab Braich and son Armaan Singh Braich. As we were very busy in our medical practice we had no time for our children, so we had to enroll them in a boarding school from K.G. We were well settled in India but Mohinder had a strong dream to live in a foreign country. To fulfill that dream we shifted to Canada. In 1995 at the age of 50, when we were living in Toronto, one of our patients showed the Amway business to us. He said, “Dr. Braich I know you have plenty of money and all the luxuries of life but you do not have freedom. You only make money as long as you are seeing patients. You have no time to enjoy with your family and near and dear ones. Along with that you have a life full of tension.” His words really touched our hearts as he showed us the reality of life. The moment we asked him that, what he had that could get us freedom.

With great enthusiasm he introduced us to the world of Amway where one’s efforts are rewarded with sustainable income. One is free to work as and when he wants and achieves his/her financial goals. Then we went to an Amway meeting where we saw the business plan and met successful people from all walks of life. There were doctors, engineers, less educated, highly educated, and people from all religions and races. We got excited but we did not have time to build the business even part time. After having lot of discussions on joining we realized that we did our practice for 25 years but could not get freedom of finances and time together but here we saw the possibility. With this we decided to put 2 hours a day in the business and attain financial and personal goals.

In Canada, we started building our business within Indian community. Though there were very few Indians, we still achieved Silver level within 10 months and Emerald within 3 years. This all happened because we took the business seriously and worked hard. When we found out that Amway would be launching in India we were very excited about this opportunity. In 1998 when Amway came to India we moved back here permanently with a vision that the Amway business would be huge in India.

Before coming to India, we dared to declare that we will be the first Diamonds of India. With this challenge we started our Diamond qualification and very soon became Diamonds. The achievement didn’t stop here, and so we went on to become EDC and then Double Diamonds and now the first Triple Diamonds of India.

We achieved success in a short time because we were committed and willing to do whatever it took to fulfill our dreams. We paid 100% price for our success. Our home team was set and our attitude has always been positive. We had great vision for our dreams. We had submission to our up lines and we served our down lines from our heart. Our team is great and with blessings of God we got an amazing group and visionary leaders.

Amway taught us that everybody has unlimited power to succeed but one has to explore that power. Major positive change occurred in us due to the association. Now we have good relationship between husband and wife, and also with our children and our team. Amway business not only teaches how to achieve financial security but also makes aware about moral values and ethics. Amway’s motto is Hope, Family, Freedom, and Rewards. Now we are best partners, best parents and best friends of our team.

With Amway Nutrilite supplements we feel energetic and young, even in our sixties. Now we have beautiful houses, luxury cars, and we travel all over the world. We travel every year around the globe. Now, I have the freedom to spend as much time as I like and my wife has the freedom to spend on beautiful dresses and costly diamond jewelry to her hearts content.

We have time to attend spiritual camps and enjoy holidays of our choice around the world. Our major goal now is to touch as many lives as we can and make them better at the family level, physical & emotional health level, to promote mental health and tension free living.

We want to serve society and make India better and better, so that we can fulfill our purpose in life of helping as many people as we can, and knowing that our people are better because of the decisions we have taken.