Kuldip Singh & Satwinder Kaur Saini

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Satwinder Kaur & Kuldip Singh Saini
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich
Website: www.brittindia.com
Notes:Upline sponcer or Emerald Manjitpal Singh & Jatinder Kaur Dhatt

Satwinder Kaur & Kuldip Singh Saini (Homemaker and Civil Engineer)

My husband Kuldip Singh was a Sub-Divisional Engineer in the Water Supply Department while I was at home managing our home and taking care of our daughter Sunandit and son Prakash.

We were living a life full of compromises; therefore, we were contemplating moving to Canada for leading a better life. It was somewhere around that time that someone introduced us to the Direct Selling business opportunity. We realized that whatever we dreamt of in our life could be achieved with ethics and integrity by living in India itself. We devoted ourselves completely to this business and attained the Silver level in six months time. There was no looking back after that and we dropped our Canada plan too.

Thanks to this business, our life has changed totally and we are enjoying an unmatched lifestyle. We are now leading a happy and balanced life, and are having ample amount of time to enjoy and spend time with our children, and are also having good financial security for our family. We are indebted to the BWW System for our success. Our children are growing up in a positive atmosphere because of which their studies and personality has improved tremendously. We are thankful to our great mentors and are proud of our dedicated Leaders.