Bimal & Vinita Jain

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Bimal & Vinita Jain
Bimal & Vinita Jain.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Jagjit Singh & Surinder Kaur Malhotra

Inch by inch, every thing is a cinch. Yard by yard everything is too hard”………

I was a Manager in Punjab National Bank, having 21 years of experience and my wife Vanita Jain who is a Masters in Sociology, was working in F.C.I. I was in international banking dealing with big exporters and importers who had business all over the globe. I am having a lot of academic degrees such as M.SC., LLB, CAIIB, DIM & also holding private pilots license. Perhaps by virtue of my good career, I was pushing away the great Amway opportunity whenever someone tried to show it to me. But by the grace of god I was called to a seminar. A banker couple from Canada was the speaker. Before the presentation I had lakhs of questions about Amway but after their great speech I had no question left. I made up my mind to build the Amway business there and then, without taking any advice from my near and dear ones.

I plugged into the Britt system immediately and it actually helped me a lot to broaden my vision about Amway opportunity. There was no stopping after that. We changed our pins every month and were Silver producers in 9 months. In fact we took the business very seriously and built it with a sense of urgency. We didn’t take the business lightly, or as a joke which normally many people do and do not succeed. Although we faced many tough times in business, but with a strong will to succeed we continuously changed our pins because we knew that “tough times do not last but tough people do”. After Platinum level our lifestyle also started changing.

Amway does not give you money alone but a complete life package and a unique combination of money, time to enjoy with your near & dear ones, free foreign trips every year, respect & recognition, name & fame, positive association, personality development, public speaking, tension free life, peace of mind, royalty & passive income, social security etc. But freedom from job & freedom from boss is awesome. Freedom does not carry a price tag. We are free since last 7 years and are enjoying every moment of life. Today, all our seven days are Sunday’s. Earlier too we were under the impression that we are doing good in life, but now we have seen both sides of the coin i.e. 21 years of bank service and 9 years in Amway business. Now we can say with authority that rewards in the Amway business far outweigh rewards in traditional job, profession or any other business. I dedicate my success to my mother & father who always wanted to see me as a great person which I could not become despite my lot of hard work. I also owe my success to Amway corporation, BWW, their books, CD’s & seminar, my uplines, my very hard working wife who helped me turn every stone into a milestone and our three very intelligent & obedient children.

We knew there is a price for success and a price for failure too. But the “price for failure is always greater than the price for success”. Unfortunately many people choose to pay a greater price for failure rather than paying lesser price for success due to lack of vision. So unless you are willing to change, you will end up getting what you were getting (i.e. Nothing). We have become Diamonds and are free now. But we do not want to become complacent and let our bodies rust by sitting idle. We will put all our efforts to become Crown Ambassadors.

We are committed to help all our downlines, who are serious to accomplish their dreams like us and are willing to pay the price by working hard as per teachings of the system.

“Do not allow anyone to steal your dreams.”……..