Ashish & Isha Bakshi

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Ashish & Isha Bakshi
Ashish & Isha Bakshi.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich
Notes:Upline Emerald Sarbjit Singh Goldy

Ashish & Isha Bakshi

Before joining the Direct Selling business I was working in a pharmaceutical company. I voluntarily retired from my job at the age of 32 because of the FREEDOM that I got due to this business—a feeling that is unexplainable and beyond words. When both, my wife who is a homemaker and I saw this opportunity, we signed up only because we had tremendous faith in our sponsor. In other words, we were not too sure about this business in the beginning. Gradually, we developed confidence in this business and realized that we could definitely succeed in it. In fact, anyone can succeed in this business if they have faith, dedication, determination and a positive attitude.

I thank GOD for all the success that we have achieved. I wish to express my gratitude to my parents for all their blessings and help in developing this business. We would never have achieved this level without the love and mentorship of our awesome uplines and of course, our fantastic team. Thanks to this business, we are financially independent and have enjoyed quite a few all expenses paid foreign trips too. We are enjoying life with our sweet children, Shubham and Dipanshu. Our message to everyone is that if you have set your eyes on a goal then let no amount of obstacles stop you from reaching your target.