Davinder Jeet Kaur & M. P. Singh

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Davinder Jeet Kaur & M. P. Singh
Davinder Jeet Kaur & M. P. Singh.JPG
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Surjit & Surinder Waraich

Chronology of Achievements

1998 - Joined
1999 - Platinum
2001 - Emerald
2005 - Diamond
2009 - Founders Diamond
2009 - Executive Diamond
2010 - Founders Executive Diamond

Downline Diamonds

Success Story

Thanks to the Almighty, we are leading a life blessed with the best this world has to offer. It all started with a big dream and a document that we signed to join this wonderful business called Amway. Big dreamers that we were, all we needed was the right opportunity to fulfill our dreams. Amway business has provided us with such financial stability that we are able to lead our lives according to our wishes. Luxury cars, big house with the finest facilities, best education for children, peace of mind, ample time for each other & family and the satisfaction of doing something good for others are some of the rewards we got for the relentless efforts we made to build our business. Being born in a cultured and religious family with high ethical values and character, I believed in honesty, discipline and truthful living. A football player since school time, I always had fighting spirit within me. This game taught me a lot about teamwork and leadership qualities. I joined Revenue Department of Punjab Government as a Junior Revenue Officer from the sports quota. I got married to Davinder who was a big dreamer like me. Soon we found that we need to look for better ways to earn more money to fulfill our dreams. Davinder being well qualified (M.A.,B.Ed.) started a job as a teacher, but somewhere in my heart I was not satisfied with circumstances. I started part time real estate business to achieve our goals. Initially I got some small returns from this business which encouraged me to put in more investments, but one fateful day I received such a shocking news that I was broken to the core. I had suffered such huge financial loss that I could not think of a way to get out of this trouble. Everything was lost. A few years passed like this. My fighting spirit began to die. Dreams became nightmare. I started remaining ill. One day a close friend called me up and told me about Amway business opportunity. I liked the plan and joined in. After spending so many years in trouble it was difficult for us to have immediate faith in this business but we sincerely gave our best to build our team. As the time passed we started getting good results which boosted our confidence and faith to a new height. We started realizing that only sky was the limit in this business. We are blessed with two children; daughter, Darshdeep Kaur and son, Samash Uday Singh. We never knew when our positive attitude and vibrations transformed their lives also. Today they are star performers in their school all due to this ‘winning environment’ at home. After joining the business in 1998, we achieved Platinum qualification in 1999. My wife stopped working as a teacher then. Emerald qualification followed in 2001. I resigned from my job and devoted full time to build my Amway business. We never looked back from there and achieved Diamond qualification in 2005. Our achievements never slowed us down but motivated us to work even harder to achieve higher levels. In the year 2009, we achieved two new pins, Founders Diamond and Executive Diamond. The honour we received at ‘ALS’, Penang and ‘Go Crown’ in Vietnam was so overwhelming that it touched our hearts. Mercedes cars were at our disposal throughout the tour, making us feel so special. There we realized that during the hard work we did to build our team every drop of sweat that fell from our forehead was worth its weight in gold. From our experience we can confidently say that this business is like a big sea which can take you places provided that you are ready to set sail. Like they say ‘Individually we are drops, together we are ocean’.