Nandlal & Sneha Bhagat

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Nandlal & Sneha Bhagat
Sneh Bhagat & Nandlal.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kuldip Singh & Satwinder Kaur Saini

Nandlal & Sneha Bhagat

I am a housewife and my husband is a Civil Engineer. We are gifted with two sons Nitish (l year old) and Sachin (14 years).

This business has brought about a positive change in our lives. It gave us the platform to redefine and reshape our lives with new financial, personal, social, and spiritual goals, which we had almost forgotten. Britt Worldwide taught us how to go about building this business and how to achieve success by reading books, listening to tapes, and attending seminars. In spite of investing so many years educating ourselves, we were not aware that one could be successful if one followed certain principles and rules. This is something we learnt only in Britt Worldwide. It enhanced our personality and brought the best out of us. Our uplines also helped to bring out our hidden talents something which we were ourselves not aware of.

We would like to thank our family, uplines, and all our team members for all their support without which we wouldn’t have reached the Emerald level.

We believe that the secret of success lies in listening to one’s upline, focusing on one’s goals, and being persistent and consistent.