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Gala, Kanti & Hemi
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Kanti and Lata Gala, both originally from Bombay, India, also both came to the United States for the same reason – to pursue higher education. Kanti, with a degree in chemistry, came to the States in 1970, where he obtained his MS and PhD. Lata also came to the U.S. with a degree in chemistry, arriving in 1972 as a tourist, but staying on to study nuclear medicine. They met while Kanti was still a student, and were married in 1975. After his post-doctoral research, Kanti joined a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey as a research scientist. He was soon promoted to the position of Principal Scientist, and Lata was the Administrative Director of Nuclear Medicine at a local hospital.

"We had always been told to get a good education, then a good job, and we’d be set for life," says Kanti. "But deep down, we were living in quiet desperation. We were disillusioned with the corporate world and not being rewarded for our hard work and dedication. Lack of time and lifestyle was a constant topic of discussion at the dinner table. We were definitely looking for a better way of life."

Kanti and Lata were introduced to the business in 1985, but did not see the big picture until 1987, when at the peak of their professional careers, they were shown the plan again by their friends, Kanti and Hemi Gala. After attending a major function in 1988, and meeting with other professionals already successful in the business, they made a quality decision to build it. They were excited to hear Britt Diamonds talking about family values, integrity, and spiritual values – the same values they grew up with in India a – values that had slowly started fading away, thanks to the rut system of the corporate world. This business was now in their hearts, and Kanti and Lata felt that helping others reach their goals was a great way to fulfill their own dreams.

"Our kids were only three and six," says Lata, "but we made them the reason to build the business, not an excuse not to." When they reached Pearl (now Sapphire) in 1991, Lata quit her job to be a full-time mother to their son, Neil, and their daughter, Anjali. In 1993, Kanti was one of 20 top scientists who lost their jobs due to "corporate realignment." For 19 of them, this was bad news. Kanti, however, went home to his family, who had a big cake ready with the inscription, "Free At Last!" Today, Kanti and Lata are both full-time parents, as well as business partners. They reached Diamond in 1995, and in 1996 moved into their six-bedroom home on four beautifully landscaped acres, complete with a 25,000 gallon heated pool. This dream house has been an inspiration for many in their downline. Kanti and Lata Gala, now Executive Diamond Council members, have built one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry. Thousands in their group look to their leadership – both here in the U.S., as well as in their homeland, India.