Surjit Singh & Harwinder Kaur Gulati

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Surjit Singh & Harwinder Kaur Gulati
Surjitsingh gulati.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Rajpal Singh & Navjot Kaur Bawa

(Businessman & Homemaker, Hyderabad)

I am a businessman and Harwinder, my wife is a homemaker. We were happy with the life we were leading but we had a very busy schedule. We were BIG dreamers and worked hard so that we could give the best to our two lovely children.

We were looking for opportunities by which we could fulfill our dreams without sacrificing the time we spend with our children. That was the time when we came to know about the Direct Selling business opportunity. We decided to join it immediately as we were very confident that we would succeed. After attending a few seminars and functions, our resolution to do well in this business strengthened even further. Earlier, our friends and relatives were not happy with our decision to join this business but after seeing our success, they realized that it was a worthy proposition. As a businessman, I analyzed the returns on the investment of money and time and found that it was unmatchable with any other business in the world. We found that with persistent and consistent efforts one can achieve money, time, security, freedom and fame.

Our dream is to reach out to as many people as possible and to make them aware of this wonderful opportunity-a pathway to COMPLETE SUCCESS!