Surjit & Surinder Waraich

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Surjit & Surinder Waraich
Surjit varaich.jpg.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International

LOS Upline: Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich
Notes:Upline Emerald is Dr. Harleen & Sandeep Braich

Surjit Singh Waraich (Businessman) Surinder Kaur Waraich (Home maker) M/S Waraich Markiting From Amritsar

I am a businessman and my wife is a homemaker. We have two kids, Rouble and lnderjeet. I have a traditional business in Amritsar. My business schedule was very hectic and kept me busy from morning till late night. We had the money but no time for our family. This forced us to send our children to a boarding school in 1992. We yearned to be with our children, but that had become a luxury that our hectic and demanding work schedule did not permit. Both of us knew that there was more to life than what we were experiencing. An opportunity struck us in April 1998 when we were introduced to Amway by one of our customers. We signed in for the business and our great journey began. Within two and half months, we went silvers and then there was no looking back. Lot of people told us that this business would not work. We then had to prove that it will last and thus we had a purpose in life. We were looking for people with dreams in their hearts and the courage to prove themselves. In two years, we went Emeralds and have now reached a major milestone by becoming Diamonds. All this has been possible with the support of our uplines and downlines. We firmly believe that any one with a dream and the willingness to change their world can achieve success in the Amway business. This business has enabled us to realise our goals and dreams. We now have more time to be with our family and money to enjoy. Time, money and independence to live life as we wish, has been our reward. It is incredible to see how our lives have changed. We feel that life is too short to accomplish your goals at the expense of your family. So make your family a part of your journey of life. We thank God everyday for providing us this wonderful opportunity. Money alone never makes anybody happy. Amway people are happy because they are in the process of achieving their dreams. Our life is now richer and fruitful because of the Amway business. We are plugged into a support system that teaches us about the success principles, which is what this business is about. We now own houses in three states, four cars and are living a good lifestyle. We see a phenomenal future for ourselves and lots of people. We feel that the Amway business is the best way to make use of our time and skills.

Downline Diamond