Satinder Pal Singh & Parminder Kaur Taggar

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Satinder Pal Singh & Parminder Kaur Taggar
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Bimal & Vinita Jain

Satinder Pal & Parminder Kaur Taggar (Housewife & Civil Engineer)

I am a housewife having a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Satinder Pal, my husband is a Civil Engineer. We are building this business with the support of our daughter, Harman.

We were desperately looking for an opportunity by which we could earn a lot of money and lead a comfortable lifestyle. The moment we saw the Direct Selling business plan, we took the decision to start this business because we realized its potential, especially in Indian market. We consistently worked hard to achieve success in this business. Today, because of this business, we have reached a level where we are enjoying a life of luxuries and that too with our family and spiritual values intact.

We strongly believe that if one wants to accomplish one’s dreams then the Direct Selling business and the BWW System are a superb combination for one to opt for. This is a value-based business and is much more than "just a business "as it has the potential to make a difference to the lives of millions of people in India. We are enjoying life in a big way, but the best is yet to come.