Dharmender & Meenakshi Rana

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Dharmender & Meenakshi Rana
Dharmender and Meenakshi Rana.jpg
Pin: Diamond, India
Markets: India,


LOS Upline: Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich
Website: http://www.brittindia.com

Today we thank God that he gave us the wisdom to make the right choices. We thank our great mentors who kept faith on us when nobody was having. Also we thank our smart & hardworking team because it is the magic of teamwork only that allows common people like us to attain great results. After doing Electronics Engineering and different courses while in job, I worked for 15 years in country's leading organisations. My wife, Meenakshi, is Masters in Computer and worked as Senior Manager in a company, before opting a for teaching profession. I belong to a very small village Ferozpur Banger in Distt. Sonipat (Haryana) and am now settled in Gurgaon. My father is a retired as Executive Engineer from state govt's Irrigationdepartment, and mother is a housewife. Meenakshi belongs to Bahadurgarh in Distt. Jhajjar (Haryana). Her father is a retired Electrical Engineer of state Electricity Deptt. and mother a housewife. One afternoon durring my routine office job, one of my colleagues showed me the Amway Business Plan. It appealed to me and I filled the joining form immediately. Little did I know at that stage, that this insignificant decision, will later change our lives so significantly. At that time our life was 'Cool', with three good incomes in a family of four Having own car and house without any EMI's. Then despite of opposition from our parents and no-success in initial years of business, we worked hard & built the business!!! We both are big dreamers and were attracted by great rewards of this business. Meenakshi wanted freedom from job, foreign travel, (a life of celebrity-people taking photographs & autographs,) lots of shopping without checking the purse and a budget-free life. I also wanted to be my own boss so that I can do what I love to do; to paint, to write, to play cricket, to travel the world. Today most our dreams are fulfilled and have set new goals. For 6 years, I built the business part time with my job and now for last Six years, we both are free from boss due to great income from our Amway business. In the morning sipping tea in our balcony when we see people rushing to their offices, we thank God & Amway for this freedom not only for us but our next generations. Through this business income I drive a SUV and Meenakshi drives a decent Sedan car, live in a 400 square yard independent house with all modern facilities. We have enjoyed International trips to Italy, Spain, France, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia. Also we were able to afford three international trips to my parents and in-laws and today they are very happy with our decision of building this wonderful business. Dear friends, take a decision to be successful in this business to leave life of compromises and to live a life of choices; because "JINDAGI MILEGI NA DOBARA".