Crowe, John & Jennie Belle

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John & Jennie Belle Crowe
Pin: Crown Ambassador (2014)
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Denton, Bob & CeCe




Success Story

John & Jennie Belle Crowe are Crown Ambassadors from Fairfax Station, VA and the leaders of UR Association. They started in Amway in 1973 with a goal of making $400 per month and saving money on products. They qualified Diamond in 1978/1979, Double Diamond in 1992/1993, Founders Double Diamond in 2002, and Crown in 2012. Their daughter and son-in-law, David & Kristin Dussault, were the first second Generation Emeralds and Diamonds in BWW.

The Crowes worked closely with Bill Britt and attended the first Diamond Club in Jamaica in the late 1970s along with Paul Miller. The Crowes were also speakers for the first Free Enterprise Day held for the West Coast team that Britt and Ron Puryear were building, which later turned into WWDB.

In June 1981, John returned home and walked in on burglars robbing his home. He was shot in the head point-blank with a .357 magnum and left for dead. He then crawled under a bed and found a phone which was plugged into the wrong outlet to call the local 911 center; After dialing 911 and being told that his address was not valid, John hung up the phone. Jack Spencer then called to talk with John, and the emergency personnell were then notified. The tragic news was disemminated and within 24 hours 2000 pints of blood was donated across the country from volunteers (mostly affiliated with Amway). This is one of the largest "peace time" donations ever. John is completely paralysed on one side.

John was a strong athlete when he was younger focusing on gymnastics. John has a Bachelors degree in education and a Masters degree in engineering.

The Crowes left BWW in 2007 to form the UR Association.