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Jack & Magee Spencer
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Crowe, John & Jennie Belle
Website: http://www.urassocation.com

Jack and Magee met in the mid 1960's when they were both attending The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. They married after graduation and moved to northern Virginia, where Jack was a high school biology teacher and basketball coach, and Magee taught second grade.

Jack had been taught that education was the key to financial security, so he earned his master's degree at night school, two nights a week for three years. The financial gain was minimal, so he continued his studies towards a PhD.

By the early 1970's, the Spencers had three sons, and Magee left teaching to be at home and raise their children. Jack was becoming frustrated because no matter how hard he worked, or how many degrees he earned, they could barely make ends meet. When Jack and Magee saw a business plan in 1975, they got excited. It seemed like a way to earn a few hundred dollars each month to supplement Jack's teaching salary. They believe this business is truly unique, because you can only succeed when you take your eyes off yourself and help another succeed. "Nothing else can compare." Jack retired from teaching in 1979, and has been a full-time husband and father ever since. "I have been able to be the role model for my sons, to show them what opportunity and hard work can achieve. To me, this is the greatest gift I could give them."

The Spencers feel blessed with all the material rewards they have achieved – a beautiful home on five wooded acres, luxury cars, travel to the world's finest resorts, but much more important, they say, are the intangibles.

Today, we have wonderful friends to share our dreams with, a tremendous sense of peace and security, and the knowledge that we are doing something worthwhile with our lives, helping our fellow man.