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David & Kristin Dussault
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: John & Jennie Belle Crowe
Website: http://www.urassociation.com/

2006 Founders Diamonds David & Kristin Dussault are the son-in-law and daughter of Crowns John & Jennie Belle Crowe. They qualified Platinum & Q-12 during FY 2002. Sapphire & Emerald Feb 2004 and Founders Sapphire & Founders Emerald August 2004. They qualified Diamond at ages 26 and 25 respectively. David is a former physical education teacher. They are both retired and strong Christians.

They are founding members of the new IBO PDP UR Association.

Success Story (United States)

A new generation

As the daughter of Crowns, Kristin Dussault had some high expectations about her future. “I wanted my kids to grow up the way I grew up, with parents who worked from home, surrounded by lots of good people.”

But after she and Dave got married, Kristin wasn’t sure she was ready to make the commitment it would take to get there. “I thought, ‘Wait a minute, do we want to be building the business every night? Shouldn’t we just be spending time together?’ I hadn’t really seen how much work my parents had put into their business. I only saw the fruits of their labor. So I fought it at first.”

It was Dave who finally led the charge for them to pursue their Quixtar business. “Initially, I saw it as a way to earn extra money to help pay off some debts,” he recalls. “But after having a talk with Kristin’s parents, we decided to change our attitude. We were going to really listen to what our mentors had to say and follow their advice.”

A middle school teacher and basketball coach at the time, Dave suddenly realized what a great opportunity they had. “Once I saw the true potential of the Quixtar business – with the online shopping, the technology behind it, the mentorship, the financial rewards – I got very excited.”

After Kristin finally got behind Dave’s efforts, things began to click. They focused on health and wellness products, such as XS™ Energy Drinks and Trim Advantage® Protein Bars, and that helped them grow their business quickly. “We feel it’s important to live the healthy lifestyle we’re endorsing, and we teach our team to do the same,” says Dave, who enjoys keeping active, especially out on the golf course with Kristin.

Dave says he really appreciates how much he can positively influence the lives of others in this business. “In the classroom, you can impact maybe 20 or 25 kids a year. But with this, it’s endless.”

Following in their footsteps

The Dussaults love working with young people, both couples and singles, who see the opportunity even more quickly than they did. “People only have to be out in the workforce a little while to realize they don’t want to be doing the same thing 40 years from now. So they’re very open to what this business offers,” says Dave. “They aren’t skeptical about it at all. Once they do their due diligence and they see the power behind it, they’re fired up.”

“I shudder to think how much time we wasted by me not getting behind Dave 100% from the very start,” observes Kristin. “We tell people, ‘Just grab hands and jump in together. You’ll marvel at how your relationship will grow and how your lives will change.’”

The couple says watching the next group of leaders following in their footsteps is very rewarding for them. “A lot of them are going Emerald and Diamond right now,” says Dave.

So it’s worth all the hard work upfront? “We would do everything a million times over to have what we have today,” says Kristin.

”The biggest surprise to me has been the peace of mind we have now,” she adds. “In our wildest imaginations we never dreamed it would be this good. We just pinch ourselves every day.”