Nasir & Farzana Kazi

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Nasir & Farzana Kazi
Pin: Emerald
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Crowe, John & Jennie Belle By LOS from US, & Desai, Kulin & Mina in India by LOA
Notes:Upline Emerald Dr. Baldeo Taneja

Nasir & Farzana Kazi (Businessman & Homemaker, Kolhapur, Maharashtra)

Success Story

Nasir was practicing law for about 11 years before he plunged into his family business. After few years in business, he was in deep financial crisis and had lot of financial liabilities. During this time we were introduced to the Direct Selling business opportunity.

Initially, Farzana was not active in the business as she had to take care of their two sons Zeeshan and Zamaan but the moment she got involved and started helping Nasir, their business grew manifold. They believe that this business is a gift of God and this business would change the fortunes of many in India. The Kazi’s are happy that they are playing a small part in helping people to help themselves and make their dream, a possibility.

They are thankful to their awesome uplines, committed downlines and the Britt System for the support.

Their message is, “In every moment of darkness there is a seed of future brightness". Just Don’t Quit.

Downline Diamond