Dr. O. Ramesh Singh & Anita Devi Oinam

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Dr. O. Ramesh Singh & Anita Devi Oinam
Dr. O. Ramesh Singh & Anita Devi Oinam.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Jeevan & Dr. Madhubala
Website: www.brittindia.com

Dr. O. Ramesh Singh & Anita Devi Oinam (Doctor & Teacher Imphal, Manipur)

We are Ramesh and Anita Oinam from Imphal. I am a doctor and my wife Anita is a teacher. In spite of having worked for nearly ten years prior to joining this business, our life had never changed. It was boring and continued to be hectic and monotonous as ever.

We thank God that the direct selling business came into our life in November 1999. Initially, we took it up part time and didn't pay much attention to it because we didn't know the potential of the business. However, even the little things that we did part time, in a consistent manner, helped us earn an income that was more than that we earned from our full time jobs. We even got to go to all-expenses-paid trips within the country and abroad. It was only then that we realized the potential of this business.

Thanks to this business, today, we are leading a very meaningful life. We have a lot of time to spend with our family and also to fulfill other social responsibilities. Our dreams keep growing bigger and bigger along with our lovely children Roshan and Deepak.

We are thankful to our sponsors and uplines because of whom we have been able to achieve success. All throughout, the BRITT WORLDWIDE System showed us the path and provided us with the necessary guidelines for success. We are confident that we will be able to better the lives of millions of people through this business.

Friends, anyone can achieve financial freedom through this business. It's in your hands to make your life worthwhile and secure. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny.