Bhabeshwor & Indira Khundrakpam

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Bhabeshwor & Indira Khundrakpam
Bhabeshwor & Indira Khundrakpam.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Dr. O. Ramesh Singh & Anita Devi Oinam

In the year 2000, Bhabeshwor, a Civil Engineer and his wife Indira, a university Professor (Chemistry), were first introduced to the business by Bhabeshwor’s younger brother’s friend. In the first five months, after joining this business, Bhabeshwor was not very active.

In 2001, when he first attended a BWW mega function in Mumbai, he realized the true potential of this business. Both Bhabeshwor & Indira got completely charged up after listening to the leaders narrate their successes as well as their failures on the stage. What they realized was that this WAS A BUSINESS, in the true sense of the word, and it works provided one is prepared to work diligently and follow all the BWW teachings. They set their mind to do this business because they realized that they can provide the best to their children Gautam and Partha.

Bhabeshwor feels that attending the function was the turning point in their lives because that was the time they took a firm decision to do this business sincerely and that was the occasion they felt that they CAN do it too. Soon after the function, they were so fired up that they began working wholeheartedly and reached the Silver producer level within eleven months.

They are thankful to this direct selling business that has given them security, rewards, recognition, world tours, genuine friendships, true family values and above all, peace of mind. They feel that this business has given them more than they could ask for.

Bhabeshwor feels the business has the potential to help you realize your greatest dreams. His message to all is, “If you build this business seriously and with utmost dedication, it will change your life forever in ways you have never imagined.”