King, G.W. & Edna

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G.W. & Edna King
King GW Edna.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Crowe, John & Jennie Belle

When G.W. and Edna first saw this business plan, they knew it had potential, but didn't dream it could become as big as it has for them. Their initial intent was to earn an extra $10,000 per year and save it for ten years.

They never dreamed that they could earn enough income to quit their jobs. It took only 3-1/2 years for them to reach the level of Diamond and obtain financial freedom.

"We were taught to get a good education and pursue a career. We thought education would be the key to success. Prior to starting our own business, Edna was a head nurse at a major hospital in Washington, DC," G.W. recalls. "I was working as a transportation engineer for the Council of Governments. Edna has a BS degree in nursing, and I have a master's degree in city planning. We realize now that the key to success is owning your own business.

"We were goal setters before starting our business, and one of our goals was to travel around the world before the age of 30, which we did. Our travels include Europe, Russia, Mexico, South America, Canada, the Orient, Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and the major cities throughout the United States. Our goal now is to travel the world again and take our friends with us!

"We have realized that there are many rewards as a result of this business. We were both able to retire from our jobs, and we enjoy driving our Rolls-Royce and Excalibur.

"Our goal is to make our upline proud of us and walk the beaches of the world with them. We plan to help others reach their financial dreams by showing them how to 'go Diamond!' "