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Paul & Leslie Miller
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Pin: Crown (1993)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy


  • May 1971


Paul & Leslie Miller are Crowns and North American Founders Council members affiliated with BWW from North Carolina. Together with his former wife Debbie, Paul qualified Diamond in 1979, Double Diamond in 1987, Triple Diamond in 1992, and Crown in 1993. They attended the first Diamond club in the 1970s, along with John & Jennie Belle Crowe. In 1999, they also qualified for FAA Personal Perks, Paul and Debbie have since divorced and he is now married to Leslie, his former secretary. Their upline Diamond is Bill Britt. Paul is also a member of the IBOAI President's Cabinet.


In May 1971, I attended my first meeting at Emerald Direct, Bill Britt's home in Carrboro, North Carolina. At the meeting, I learnt that the business, after twelve years, had almost 100 different products, was in three countries, and had accomplished sales of approximately $100 million! I signed up, talked to one person, and quit. The timing was just not right, as I had to finish up my football.. baseball career as a UNC Tar Heel. rt included appearances in the Peach Bowl, Gator Bowl, selection as A1I-ACC quarterback, the Coaches All-American game, and being chosen as the ACC's first recipient of the Brian Piccolo Award.

I come from Ayden, North Carolina, a small town famous for producing many state championship teams and athletes. The primary reason for my surviving the rigours of competition at Chapel Hill was this environment. After being selected to the All- ACC Academic team, I enrolled in UNC's MBA-Law program in August 1974 to pursue a legal career. Twice while in law school, I was invited to attend some meetings. Both the times my reply was, "No thanks. I know all about this business. I was in it once. My goal is to become an attorney."

'One day, I skeptically went to see a formal business presentation. I met some old friends of mine at the presentation. They were very excited about the business, but they couldn’t explain how it worked. All that they could explain was that the business had something to do with100 PV, no door-to-door selling, and possibility of making a lot of money. In fact, I attended four meetings and a Free Enterprise weekend before signing up in September 1974. The first two years were 'internal growth' years. There were financial struggles, fears to overcome, bar exams to pass, strangers to meet, and products to sell. I knew that I needed to be steady, upbeat and kind to all people; and I shouldn't quit. I am glad I didn't quit. I became Pearl in 1977, Diamond in 1979, Double Diamond in 1987, and now, Crown. I retired from my job in 1978. Bill and Peggy were my good friends and advisors. Friends in the business like the Renfrows, Crowes, Zeenders, Martins, Puryears, and many others inspired me.

My three children, Lindsey, Johnny, and Nancy are fun to be with and what makes me happy is that I was there to grow up with them. Today, my children and I live in a beautiful home overlooking a championship golf course on Ponte Vedta Beach, Florida. Our other homes include a 17 acre estate with a house that is nearly 7200 square feet, complete with pool, tennis court, and basketball court in Raleigh, North Carolina; a cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; and an ocean front condominium on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Vehicles include luxury sedans from Rolls Royce to Lexus, antique autos, a Harley motorcycle, a Humvee Hummer, a 25 feet fishing boat, and many other vehicles. I give all the credit to God. I am thankful for my kids, health, this country, the DeVos and Van Andel families and this business.

Anyone willing to work hard can make this business work. Come join us on the beaches and mountaintops of the world!

The Millers Downline Diamonds LOS.

A good portion of the Miller's organization is now affiliated with LTD, which is led by the Miller's largest leg, Larry & Pam Winters.

Success Story


Starting in his last year of college, Paul Miller was offered several opportunities to pursue an independent business, but the timing was just not right. Paul was finishing his football and baseball career at the University of North Carolina, a career that included appearances at the Peach Bowl and Gator Bowl; selection as All-ACC Quarterback; participation in the Coaches’ All-American Game; and being chosen as the ACC’s first recipient of the Brian Piccolo Award. After being selected to the All-ACC Academic Team, Paul enrolled in a joint Law/MBA program at UNC, intending to pursue a legal career. Twice while in law school, Paul was invited to attend an introductory business seminar, but his sights were firmly set on becoming an attorney. After graduation, Paul joined a law firm. Paul was again provided an opportunity to attend a formal business presentation, given by an old friend, but he was still quite skeptical. “I went to four meetings and a weekend-long business seminar before finally beginning my own business," Paul remembers. “But looking back, that was a real benefit, to be able to build my business at my own pace. As my own boss, there was no one giving me quotas to fill or deadlines to meet.” Still, the first two years of business were "internal growth" years.

"It was one struggle after another," Paul adds. "There were financial struggles, fears to overcome, bar exams to pass, strangers to meet, and products to sell."

By remaining upbeat, staying steady, and not giving up, Paul was able to leave the legal profession, and has been able to devote his full-time efforts to building the business.

Paul credits the BWW support system for helping him overcome his early struggles as a business owner. “The business system created a roadmap that can be followed very easily. Whenever there were questions or challenges, I had business mentors right there to give advice, based on their own experience. That kind of experience is invaluable, and now, in turn, I am able to advise people who are just getting their own businesses started. Anyone, with hard work, willing to learn how to build it, can make this business work.”

Disputes & Controversies

Skaggs Lawsuit

In July, 2007, a lawsuit was filed by International Business Solutions, Inc. a company operated by Emeralds Henry and Sue Skaggs naming Bill and Peggy Britt, Paul and Leslie Miller, Rocky Covington, Kevin and Beth Bell, and Britt WorldWide as defendants. The suit alleges that the Skaggs, having developed a software system to allow for direct order fulfillment of BSMto their downline, received approval from Britt to continue the development of the software program for eventual rollout to all of BWW. During this time, the Skaggs state that they carried the burden of the development costs. According to the lawsuit, in 2005 Bill Britt rescinded the agreement. The Skaggs then claim they were "de-edified" by their upline. The suit alleges breach of contract, racketeering, and intentional interference with economic relations [1].

In response, the defendents claimed that no contract was entered into and challenge the lawsuit on various other legal grounds. [2]


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