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Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Pin: Founders Crown (2004)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Jim Elliot
Website: http://puryear.wwdb.biz




Success Story

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear are Founders Crowns and North American Founders Council members based in Washington. They joined Amway in 1972, qualified Emerald and Diamond in 1976, Triple Diamond in 1995, Founders Triple Diamond in 2002, Crown in 2003, and Founders Crown in 2004. Their upline Diamond is Executive Diamond Jim Elliot. Their largest leg is 2003 40 FAA points 200+ Founders Crown Ambassador Leonard & Esther Kim of South Korea. The Puryear's have over 500 qualified diamonds in their organization internationally (400+ are based in Korea). With the help of Bill Britt, Ron Puryear formed the WWDB system World Wide DreamBuilders IBO Support Organization in the late 70's. They own a 26,000 sqare foot home on the Spokane River in Post Falls, Idaho nicknamed the River House. This was until 2009 the destination for the trip used to recognize businesses meeting specified criteria, River Rendezvous. The Puryears announced that the home was being sold for reasons related to inheritance and estate taxes. (In 2010, this event was moved to Jamaica.)


 Ron sadly passed away in June 2016. His son and daughter in law Jim and Bobbi Puryear are New Integrated Diamonds in 2016, taking the lead in the Puryear's organization. Ron's other son Brian was also a Platinum before he passed away due to cardiac arrest in 1995 at age 27.

Downline Diamonds

The Puryear's frontline Diamonds include:

R==A solid foundation for success==

Founders Crown Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear have been an inspiration to thousands of people with their can-do attitude, their commitment to helping others, and their devotion to each other.

Although they’ve faced many struggles – including the loss of a son – their faith, their family, and their friends have given them a strong, solid foundation for reaching their dreams and goals. In recognition of their most recent and very special achievement, we’ve asked Ron and Georgia Lee to share some of their wisdom and insights.

What do you feel is the number one reason for your success in the business?

Ron: That’s simple: I’m not a quitter. My dad taught me at an early age, if you’re going to start something, you don’t quit. You give it your best. Those values were really embedded in me.

Georgia Lee: As for me, I just married a winner.

How do you stay humble when you’ve reached this level of success?

Georgia Lee: I don’t know if humble is really the right word, but I think it’s based on the fact that we have a very strong faith. And we had very humble beginnings; we both grew up in the same small town and we’ve always felt that we’re still the same people today as we were back then – just Ron and Georgia Lee.

Ron: We’re just two very ordinary people who took advantage of an extraordinary opportunity that was given to us.

What are some of your most memorable/significant milestones in growing your business?

Ron: Our first big milestone was when I hit my goal to make enough money so that Georgia Lee didn’t have to work as a waitress anymore. Our second milestone was hitting Ruby – that’s when we started making significant money and could start paying off our debts. The third milestone was when I was able to earn enough from my business to leave the “rut” system behind – you know, working for somebody else, going back and forth every day like a robot, just to get a paycheck.

You’ve faced a lot of adversity in your life; how did you get through some of those difficult times and how has it helped you counsel others who might be faced with difficulties?

Georgia Lee: Everybody has adversity in their lives, and again, our faith has carried us through a lot. But it does help us understand when others are hurting because we’ve been there. Having empathy is different than having sympathy.

Ron: We also know that for every adversity there’s a potential for an equal or greater benefit – if you maintain a positive attitude and look toward the future. We try to remind people of that to give them hope and help them get back on track.

What do you think is most appealing to young people about the business today?

Ron: Young people aren’t set in their ways yet, their minds are still open, and they’re looking for opportunities. They want to be in control of their lives, and this business fits the bill. It’s high tech and high touch, with exciting products, especially in the areas of health and fitness, which are so big today. continued

What’s the best advice you can give people starting out?

Ron: We tell people the most important thing is to envision something that you absolutely have to have in your life – something you can’t get doing what you’re doing now. Then you need to develop the discipline necessary to do the work to reach your goal.

Georgia Lee: Your vision has to be big enough in your mind and in your heart to stand up to the negative input of other people who will try to keep you from achieving it.

Ron: You also have to be willing to learn from other people, to change and grow.

What’s been the biggest surprise of your life?

Ron: Although we often look back and are amazed at the blessings we’ve been given, one of the big surprises to us is why everybody doesn’t do what we’ve done!

Georgia Lee: We’ve said this so many times, but it’s true: If we can do it anyone can.

You’ve certainly earned the right to slow down; what keeps you going?

Georgia Lee: Our love for our organization, the great people who’ve been on this tremendous journey with us. We just can’t imagine our lives without them in it.

Ron: We still have big goals to accomplish. We want to help as many people as we can to realize their dreams.

What are you enjoying most about this stage of life?

Georgia Lee: Spending time with our kids and grandkids, who all live near us now.

Ron: The fact that we are free to choose what we want to do every day is just an unbelievable way to live life on this earth.