Kiran & Sneh Desai

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Kiran & Sneh Desai
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Pin: Diamond (2012)
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Crowe, John & Jennie Belle By LOS from US, & Desai, Kulin & Mina in India by LOA
Notes:Upline Emerald Nasir & Farzana Kazi

Kiran & Sneh Desai Lawyer & Nurse,(Kolhapur, Maharshtra)


Kiran is a Science Graduate from Ruparel College, Mumbai. He did his Law from Government Law College, Mumbai and his C.A. article ship under his Father. He says, Today I am into one of the best business opportunities on earth .The Direct Selling business Opportunity.

Kiran was practicing Law in Kolhapur and was also running a readymade garment shop. They were financially well off but he had no time for his family.

He says, Honesty and integrity attracted me to this wonderful opportunity. Today we have a lifestyle, which I could have never enjoyed through my profession and business together. My son Siddhant and my entire family co-operates with me to build this business. My uplines and the team of Independent Business Owners have helped me to build this huge business.

Their message is, Do whatever it takes to succeed.


Downline Diamond