Hoffman, Mike & Bridget

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Hoffman, Mike & Bridget
Hoffman, Mike & Bridget.JPG
Pin: Diamond
Markets: New Zealand

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Henderson, Tony & Mary

Mike and Bridget are an example of an everyday, fun-loving couple who grabbed the business opportunity with both hands. When they saw the plan, Mike was working in the shearing industry and Bridget was a secondary school teacher. They had no previous business experience. I’ve found there are two things you need to be successful in life,says Mike Hoffman. First, have clear goals. Second, a vehicle to achieve them. This business is a fantastic vehicle to speed up the process of achieving your goals. We realized the business offerseven more. It’s all about people helping people. We derive tremendous satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals. Today, in their early thirties, they are running their own business. It is their choice whether they work or play, go snow skiing in the middle of the week when there are no queues, or go trout fishingwhen there is no-one else on the river. As Mike puts it: "When I get up in the morning I set up my diary. I haven't got anyone dictating my schedule or setting my goals for me." Mike and Bridget have achieved the higher levels of success and enjoy a lifestyle that includes plenty of free time to share with their two young children. Says Mike: "We were excited by the potentialof the business when we saw the plan. But I must admit, we wondered if we could do it. Fortunately, there's plenty of support available in this business from upline and the training system available. We're not afraid of hard work, but keen to have the time to enjoy the fruits of our efforts." "We could see the business helping us achieve our goals far more quickly than just carrying on with our careers," says Mike. Better still, we could continue our careerswhile we built our business, so there was low risk. Everything to gain, nothing to lose." Being business owners has taught us commitment, self-confidence, a positive attitude and a love for other people -values that are important to us. "Applying these principles played a huge part in our success. "There are big rewards in this business. Financially, yes. But the biggest rewards are freedom of time and freedom of choice.”