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Leaders: Woodward, Orrin & Laurie
Countries: United States
Notes: The most of those Terminated Diamonds now promoting Mona Vie

TEAM, originally known as Team of Destiny, was a collaborative effort of different Amway teams under a common identity. Led by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, TEAM was reportedly one of the fastest growing network in the North American market around 2006. In 2007 a significant number of TEAM Diamonds and above were terminated by Amway.


Double Diamond

Haugen, Randy & Valorie

Executive Diamond

Florence, Bill & Peggy
Sitcler, Roger
Woodward, Orrin & Laurie

Founders Diamond

Brady, Chris & Terri
Goetschel, Chuck & Colleen
Griffin, Len & Beatrix
Newton, Bill & Jann
Sims, John & Barbara
Smith, Lance & Tracey
Spolar, Curtis & Deborah
Stroh, Doug & Sherri


Coniguliaro, Dominick & Pat
Frey, Dean & Teresa
Guzzardo, George & Jill
Land, Joe & Lynn
Lewis, Bill & Jackie