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Brad & Julie Duncan
Pin: Crown (2008)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Greg & Laurie Duncan
Website: http://bduncan.wwdb.biz/









Redmond, Washington

Brad and Julie Duncan are Crowns and North American Founders Council members based in Chattaroy, WA. Brad started in Amway in 1981 and married Julie in 1986 prior to qualifying Emerald. They qualified Emerald in 1986, Diamond in 1989, Executive Diamond in 1991, Double Diamond in 1996, Triple Diamond in 1998, Founders Triple Diamond in 2002, and Crown in 2008. Brad was a member of the 2008 IBOAI Board of Directors.

Brad has two brothers, Greg and Dru. Greg Duncan is Brad's sponsor and is currently a Triple Diamond. Dru is downline in their parent's business.


Brad Duncan’s independent business came about by accident. A competitive downhill ski racer, Brad injured his leg in a fall while racing. “Any career hopes I had of becoming a champion were gone,” he says. With skiing behind him, Brad gladly moved to Seattle when his brother Greg asked him to come. Brad was barely in the door before Greg, then a medical student, shared the business opportunity. “I was so excited. We stayed up all night talking about building financial freedom together!” Brad remembers. That’s exactly what they did.

As he learned more about the business, Brad knew it was clearly the kind of opportunity he was looking for. Having been an entrepreneur in high school and college, Brad realized something early on: “I found that to be truly successful, I couldn’t be satisfied with a job or profession just because I liked it, but I had to find something that gave me the results I wanted: control of my money and time to spend with my family.”

Persistence & Determination

Brad took a construction job working six days a week, nine hours a day, and built his own business at night, sleeping on the floor because he was too busy and too broke to bother with furniture. His persistence and determination paid off. After one year of consistent effort, Brad had built a profitable Ruby business and was able to retire, never to work for another man again. “I earned $1,000 a month working in construction and after fourteen months in the business and at twenty-three years old, I was making more. I had to retire from construction—I couldn’t afford to work there anymore!” Brad says contentedly.

Finding a Winner

It was when Brad began Emerald qualification that he and Julie met. Brad was showing the plan at the first meeting she attended. Fresh out of college and involved in sales, Julie was hired by a client who was impressed by her hard work managing a restaurant chain. “I was twenty-three and already making good money,” says Julie. “It was really the association with great people that attracted me to this business. I was a frustrated single. I was tired of working seventy hours a week, especially nights and weekends, and of the empty, lonely lifestyle in that status world.” It didn’t take long for Brad and Julie to realize they had each found a winner. Less than one year later they were married.

Many Rewards

Since that time, their business has achieved great heights and continues to reach around the world. Today Brad and Julie enjoy a lifestyle that never would have been possible from a construction job or in restaurant management. They have enjoyed many rewards from the business, including luxury automobiles, and the thrill of owning beautiful homes. Their properties include a world-class lake property and lodge in Northern Idaho and a beautiful 4,300 square foot redecorated home for Julie’s mother adjacent to theirs in Spokane.

Their estate in Eastern Washington has a 10,000-square-foot home sitting on 112 acres. “We have thoroughly enjoyed renovations on our home and the building of an 18,000-square-foot ‘toy shed’,” Julie says eagerly. The new building houses a three-bedroom guest home, a state-of the-art exercise/weight room, an 2,400-square-foot classroom for their children, a bunk room that includes a full-sized kitchen, living room, bathroom, and three three-high-stacked queen, lodgepole pine bunk beds, a video/arcade center, and parking space for over thirty vehicles.

Location, Location

We are so thrilled about our property. We are closer to our extended family and it allows us to continue to share so many of the blessings we have received with our leaders and achievers in this business. Our hope would be that everyone will realize that their dreams can come true, and that they can achieve even more than Brad and I have been able to.”

Camping, Without the Tent

Travel to many exotic hideaways has also been a realization of dreams come true. Thailand, Greece, New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, London, and Paris, France are just a few of the exciting destination spots they have enjoyed: “Travel in this business is a lot different than what we were used to. Living out of a camper or sharing a small room with several family members has changed to luxury transportation and large, spacious suites in five-star hotels with private staff to serve our every need!” Julie says enthusiastically. “We spend over four months a year on a beach somewhere in this great world, enjoying time with family and friends.”

It’s About Time

Everyday occurrences include working with a personal fitness trainer in the privacy of their own athletic facility, household staff helping manage their properties, and providing their children with the finest educational opportunities available. Most important is their personal freedom of time, to spend together and with their children.

Sharing Time and Experiences

Brad and Julie attribute their success to the tremendous support and teaching they have received from their upline, and from being a team player within the World Wide Group support organization. “Following the guidance and unrelenting pace of our sponsors, Greg and Laurie Duncan, having a consistent work habit, a willingness to serve the needs of others first, and knowing from where all of the blessings come are the key elements in our story,” Brad states. “Our true joy comes from helping others achieve their dreams and goals of financial freedom, and in sharing time and experiences with both of our families, who are involved in the business and are very successful.”

Although Brad will never enjoy the accolades of a champion on the ski hill, the Duncans are champions in life. Dreams do come true, and for Brad and Julie, the realization of those dreams has just begun.