Ajitpal Singh & Randhir Kaur Mangat

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Ajitpal Singh & Randhir Kaur Mangat
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kosage, Dean

Success Story

We were brought up in a very middle class farmer family, in a small village known as Haruwal in Gurdaspur district of Punjab. I completed my schooling and then got my post graduate degree from Khalsa College, Amritsar. My wife Randhir belonged to Amritsar, we first saw each other at college and got married in 1980. Though I taught for 11 years in a rural school, I just wasn't satisfied hence we moved to Chandigarh to chase our dreams.

We went there mainly to provide better education to our children Ritu and Santy. Beside this, we also wanted to live in a better city and look for new opportunities. After my transfer to Chandigarh, I engaged in many adventures along with my job but always landed in misadventure. We had very tough time at Chandigarh but never lost heart. Because when 'dreams are big, facts do not count.' We always kept on trying one thing or the other. In 1998 we got a telephone call from one of our relatives who tried to show the Amway business plan to us. We saw the plan half heartedly because at that time we were not ready to see it. Besides, our relative could not raise our curiosity to see the business. Why we rejected the plan, we do not know even today. After a few months we were invited to a house meeting where we were introduced to the plan again. This time got we excited and I could not sleep that night. Next day we joined the business and today we believe that Amway is THE BEST business on this planet. Frankly speaking, I joined Amway for money only, as I didn't knew the meaning of security at that time. Initially, we came across many challenges and problems but they could not stop us. Our main challenge was that our sponsor did not know anything about this business because he had joined Amway just a few days before us. Our uplines were American. Initially there was nobody to help and mentor us. We met our uplines when we attained the Ruby level. After that we started getting great mentorship from our uplines.

Now I am working full time to build my Amway business. My wife Randhir and I feel blessed. Our children are learning the values which this business provides along with money and recognition. My daughter Ritu got married last year; she and her husband Mandeep are also very positive about the business and are brand new gold producers. Due to this business we have travelled to Bangkok, Singapore, South Africa, Bintan and Pattaya. For all these trips Amway bears all the expenses and you are treated like royalty. This is their recognition for our hard work. We are thankful to Amway management, our uplines and leadership for their support.

Downline Diamond