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Beverly Sallee
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Pin: Crown
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Johnson, Leif
Website: [[1]]
Notes:also worked with INA

Beverly Sallee USA

Beverly Sallee is an internationally recognized businesswoman, inspirational speaker, musician, and philanthropist.

Beverly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano and a Master of Arts degree in choral conducting. In 1978, she found herself at a crossroads in her life. She had been teaching at the university level for ten years, and was struggling to juggle her commitments as a wife, mother, student, piano teacher, choral conductor, music professor, and volunteer but she felt herself at a dead-end financially. With a strong desire to give her children a better life and an excellent education, she began a part-time direct-marketing business. Her entrepreneurial business grew dramatically and successfully, and by 1985, she had achieved a level that allowed her to leave her university position and pursue her business full-time.

Today, Beverly's business has expanded to forty-nine nations. She continues her passion for music by giving music scholarships all over the world through the Oregon Bach Festival and Stuttgart Bachakademie Germany. She continues to work with Easter Seals on the national level. She is helping build a hospital in Calcutta, India, and is active in the Network of Caring established in association with World Vision.

Beverly's motto is "The world is my home and the sky is the limit' She invites you to soar with her into the first-class echelon, both professionally and personally.

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