Henderson, Tony & Mary

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Tony & Mary Henderson
Tony Mary Henderson.jpg
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: New Zealand

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: McGrail, Ken & Chris
Int. Upline: Jack & Rita Daughery


Australia: 1979

New Zealand: 1986

Downline Diamond

Success Story

from ILD profiles of success

Tony and Mary Henderson are Triple Diamond New Zealanders and reside in Auckland on a 15 acre property. They headed up the New Zealand and Australia ILD organisation, which merged with Network TwentyOne in 2004.

Tony & Mary were in their late 20's a contract sheep shearing for most of the year and travelled the other half before being prospected in USA by an IBO in Jack Daughery's group. Tony started his business during the late 70's in Australia and had a foster sponsor of Executive Diamonds Ken & Chris McGrail. They retired from their jobs around age 30 and have remained relatively debt free since 31. They moved back to New Zealand in 1986 upon the opening of the New Zealand market (with 5 Australian legs in the process of attaining the Direct level). 10 months after moving to New Zealand they attained the Diamond level. His brother and sister in law Roly & Cherry Henderson are Emeralds based out of Dunedin on the South Island of NZ.

Tony is a manager for the NZ national basketball team the "Tall Blacks." Nutrilite is part of the nutritional regiment of the team.

Tony grew up on the South Island of New Zealand in the rural areas. Tony is the oldest and is the only 1 out of 5 children in his family who does not have a university degree.

For Tony and Mary Henderson, setting and achieving goals is now something that is second nature. Focus, energy, control, purpose, whims and fun are all words which feature strongly in their vocabulary and their sheer enthusiasm is electrifying... In 1986 this dynamic, energetic couple became New Zealand's early innovators and had one of the fastest growing networking businesses.They began their business as young shearing contractors, travelling the world over shearing sheep. The couple enjoyed great freedom shearing for 6 months of the year and travelling the other six months. Their desire to retain that freedom was their primary motivation in building this business.

Since then, Tony and Mary Henderson have gone on to build a successful business which spans the globe. They are now part ofa small group of independent business owners worldwide who have reached this level. Tony and Mary stand as an example of the belief that if you work hard and smart, and seek the support of those who have beaten the path before you – your success can multiply. That starts with learning to really take control of your life. "We were like most people at the start, emotionally going up or down depending on what happened to us. That leaves you open to the influence of everyone else so you end up giving up or doing the acceptable things which makes success nearly impossible. All we do is ask 'Does this help our goal?' If not -then flush it and move on. "When you are in control of your life you can control your business. That control can lead to success which in a well constructed network gives you control of time and effort through duplication.