Sujata & Subhasis Ghosh

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Ghosh Sujata & Subhasis
Subhasis sujata.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Dutta, T.D. & Suparna
Notes:Diamond, Founder Diamond & EDC in same year 2010-2011

""Sujata & Subhasis Ghosh"" (Civil Engineer & Homemaker, Kolkata, West Bengal)

Subhasis was working in the Government sector and believed in the age-old principle of getting a good education and a good job to settle in life. They also tried to remain content with the lifestyle that they could manage through his current job. But they could never afford to dream big.

The Direct Selling business opportunity opened their eyes that every individual has the right to dream and that the dreams could be achieved if one had determination to go for it. Today they are happy that they are on their way to success and their children are growing up in an affluent lifestyle. Having accomplished their dreams, their next dream is to touch millions of hearts throughout the world and help them accomplish their goal too. They say, "If you have conviction and a strong will, you will surely succeed in this business."


Downline Diamond