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Rina & Debapi Roy
Pin: Diamond 2005
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Sanchita & Abhijit Chakrabarty

Debapi & Rina Roy Orthopedic Surgeon & Post Graduate in Economics

When we saw the Amway business plan on 9th January 2000, Debapi was skeptical, but soon believed in the power of dreams. Rina, a post graduate in Economics, was eager to have her own career, and this influenced her decision to join this business. What appealed to them the most was that this business would give them future security.

We signed up on 12th January 2000, and were fortunate to have a proven education system that has helped people world-over to become successful. We are indeed thankful to the BWW and our LOS for guiding us throughout. We learnt about the basics of the business and the art of time management from different leaders during seminars and from their audiotapes. Rina not only looked after our daughter Adrija and our family, but also maintained good relations with the group. All the while she remained focused on growth.

In spite of his busy schedule as a surgeon, Debapi prioritized his activities and got himself counseled from his Uplines. A sharp focus, total commitment and loyalty to BWW and Amway ensured an early success, and we went Silver in 7 months. Initially, we were misunderstood and ridiculed by people who could not figure out why we were in this "soap" business when we already had what most people did not. Regardless of the external and internal challenges, our parents inspired us to carry on with this mission of helping people to help themselves.

We made the best use of the tremendous support system, the BWW System including SOTs, CDs, Seminars, Lamplighter and Books. Finally, it was our decision to "Go Diamond" that did it. We worked hard towards our goals, and maintained our positive activities. Finally on 9th August 2004, after an eventful evening, we burnt our bridges and there was only one way ahead -"The Path To Diamondship". Debapis mother, his greatest inspiration, left us for heavenly abode after an acute illness but her blessings helped us become Diamonds in February 2005.

Today, our life has completely changed. We spend quality time with our only daughter Adrija, enjoy great holidays around the world, and make this business opportunity a mission for freedom .We are thankful to God, BWW and Amway for this "Free World" of our own!