Aniruddha & Mahua Ghosh

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Aniruddha & Mahua Ghosh
Aniruddha & Mahua Ghosh.jpeg
Pin: Diamond 2016
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Sujata & Subhasis Ghosh

Aniruddha is a science graduate with a professional degree in Accounts. He has worked in the Department of Post, a Central Government undertaking, for 17th years. When Anirudha & Mahua felt that life was becoming monotonous with no time for each other, they started looking for an opportunity that could infuse energy, vitality and enthusiasm in their life. Hence, when they were shown the Direct Selling business, they immediately realized its potential and felt that this was the very opportunity they were looking for in their lives. This opportunity came in to their lives like a breath of fresh air.

What inspired them to develop this business? A single philosophy -people helping people around the world to help themselves. Today Mahua is a full-time mother of their daughter Disha, and son Jeet, who is five months old, and this in the true sense, is the most precious gift of God for them. Through this business, Aniruddha, was able to retire in January 2001. They believe, If we could do it, then anyone can do it.