Kiriti & Saswati Dasgupta

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Kiriti & Saswati Dasgupta
Kiriti & Saswati Dasgupta.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Sujata & Subhasis Ghosh

Kiriti & Saswati Dasgupta (Electrical & Software Engineer, Kolkata)

Before joining the Directs Selling business, Kiriti was working as a Manager in a multinational company. Saswati was working in the public sector. They say, “We retired from our job not because we were tired but in order to devote ourselves for a better opportunity. Now we are building this business full time and also enjoying the lifestyle of a successful couple with our four year old daughter.”

Kirti says, “In the last two years, we have built the Direct Selling business with a lot of passion and have faced a lot of challenges. We could overcome all the hurdles due to the tremendous mental support and guidance from our uplines who made us realize that “from peak to peak there must be a valley”.

They say, “Today through this business we are on the way to fulfill our entire dream but our ultimate dream is to touch millions of hearts and help them to achieve their dreams too.”