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Suvra Dutta
Suvra Dutta.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kiriti & Saswati Dasgupta

Suvra Dutta ( Homemaker, Howrah, West Bengal)

I was a typical housewife who believed in superpower and used to accept life as it comes. Three years ago, our sponsor, who came as emissary of God, introduced me to this business. I thank God who blessed me with the vision to understand the immense potential of this opportunity, have faith in our sponsor and for the help of Britt Worldwide. Today, what I am is the accretion of dream, faith, hard work, patience and much more that I have learned from the business. I am thankful to my uplines, downlines and especially my son and daughter-in-law Partha Pratim & Debika Dutta, for inspiring and helping me from the initial stages of the business. I believe that this business opportunity is not a choice but a gift from God to the people he loves most. We now have money, security, and fame as we are on our way of fulfilling all our dreams. Today, our life has become more meaningful as I can now truly realize the sanctity of this business, which helps you to be immortal.

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