Dr. Ashis Kumar & Chandana Sarkar

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Dr. Ashis Kumar & Chandana Sarkar
Chandana & Ashis Kumar Sarkar.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Sujata & Subhasis Ghosh
Website: www.brittindia.com
Notes:Upline Emerald is Aniruddha & Mahua Ghosh

The couple consider themselves extremely lucky for being introduced to the wonderful Direct Selling business opportunity. When they were shown the plan in August 1999, they realized its potential and started the business.

Both of them believe that the secret of their success in building this business is through the excellent BWW system of education and leadership provided by their uplines. The most important ingredients of success are strong work ethics, positive attitude, honesty and the unique philosophy of helping people to succeed.

They say, “Today our biggest achievement is that we are able to spend quality time with our two lovely daughters, Sreja and Shreya. This business has given us financial stability, security and recognition. Our earnest desire is to help many more people to achieve their dreams come true.

Their message is, “If you have big dreams and strong belief, you will surely succeed in this business.”