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Barry Chi & Holly Chen 嵇龍生 陳婉芬
Barry Chi Holly Chen.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador 80 FAA (2014)
Markets: Taiwan, China, United States, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia

The Plum Blossom, TOP4, Ultra Group

LOS Upline: Beecher, Dennis & Kay
Notes:also Double Crown Ambassador in Taiwan, Founders Crown Ambassador in United States and Diamond in Hong Kong


The Chi's are the second Double Crown Ambassadors in the world.

Their elder son Liu Te Pei started his business in 1991. He went Diamond in 2000 and EDC in 2004 and Double Diamond 2008. As of 2011, he qualified Diamond in the United States. He is also an Elite Sales Director (equivalent of a Crown Ambassador) in China.

Their youngest son Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu just qualified as a Diamond in Singapore (2010).

They have over 20 Crown Ambassadors and over 2000 Diamonds in their organization.

They are founding members of the TOP4 group of international organisations.

Over three decades, she and her husband have become the single largest Amway Corp. distributor in the world, motivating a commission-based army of some 300,000 salespeople.

It has grown more than 30% each year since 2009. Today, Ms. Chen directs one in every 10 Amway reps—getting a cut along the way. Her total haul is estimated by one direct-sales magazine at $8 million a year. "I don't even know how much I make," she says to the group gathered in Las Vegas, part of the U.S. branch of Ultra Global. In others, she leads massive rallies across Asia, at one point filling a 21,000-person arena in Taiwan last fall.


1 November 1982



Platinum創辦人直系 1984
Ruby紅寶石 1984
Pearl明珠 1984
Emerald翡翠 1985
Diamond鑽石 1986
Executive Diamond執行專才鑽石 1990
Double Diamond雙鑽石 1991
Triple Diamond三鑽石 1992
Crown皇冠 1992
Crown Ambassador皇冠大使 1992
Ultimate Crown Ambassador終極皇冠大使 1993
Q12 Crown Ambassador創辦人皇冠大使 1995
Founders Distinguished Service Award創辦人成就獎 1999
Double Crown Ambassador雙皇冠大使 2003
Founders Crown Ambassador 45創辦人皇冠大使45分 2004
Founders Crown Ambassador 60創辦人皇冠大使60分 2007
Founders Crown Ambassador 70創辦人皇冠大使70分 2009
Founders Crown Ambassador 77 創辦人皇冠大使77分 2012
Founders Crown Ambassador 80 創辦人皇冠大使80分 2014


Crown Ambassador皇冠大使 1998
Founders Crown Ambassador全球政策咨询委员会成员 2003

United States美國

Silver Producer銀獎章 July 1995
Founders Platinum創辦人白金 Feb 1998
Emerald翡翠 2001
Diamond鑽石 2002
Executive Diamond執行專才鑽石 2005
Double Diamond雙鑽石 2007
Triple Diamond三鑽石 2007
Crown皇冠 2008
Crown Ambassador皇冠大使 2009
Founders Crown Ambassador創辦人皇冠大使 2011
Founders Crown Ambassador FAA 31創辦人皇冠大使31分 2011

Hong Kong香港

Founders Emerald 創辦人翡翠 (August 2013)
Diamond 鑽石 (June 2014)


Founders Platinum創辦人白金 June 2012

United Kingdom英國


Platinum白金 September 2011

New Zealand紐西蘭

Platinum白金 2009


Platinum白金 2007


Platinum白金 December 2005


Silver Producer銀獎章 May 2011


Silver Producer銀獎章 2009