Ultimate Crown Ambassador

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Qualify Legs: 25
or FAA Points: n/a

see also another special recognition: Double Crown Ambassador and 100 Plus Crown Ambassador

see also official recognitions: Crown Ambassador and Founders Crown Ambassador

The Ultimate Crown Ambassador pin (or Ultimate Founders Crown Ambassador Pin) was introduced in 1992 and earned in the same year by Muller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva and Kaoru Nakajima. One year later (1993) the pin was earned by Barry Chi & Holly Chen. It was earned by several others between 1996 and 1999. By introducing the Founders Crown Ambassador pin and the higher pins, this pin can't be earned anymore and you will not find it in the global recognition area at the headquarters in Ada, Michigan (like the FDSA pin changed to Founders Crown Ambassador 40 FAA pin).

It was given a last time in 2003 to Max Schwarz, by request, for achieving the same level as his fellow upline Muller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva. After that, Amway Germany was instructed to no longer use this unofficial award level.

Ultimate Crown Ambassador qualification requires:

  • To qualify as an Ultimate Crown Ambassador a qualified Platinum must have 25 legs qualify at the Silver Producer level for all 12 months within the Amway Performance Year.
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