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Amway Austria
Local Name: Amway Österreich
Launch: March 1985
Est. # IBOs: >27,000[1]
Est. Sales: €25,000,000 (2007)[2]
Est. population: unknown

Amway Ges.m.b.H. distributes approximately 700 consumer products through a nationwide network of more than 27,000 independent distributors.

Amway Ges.m.b.H.'s main offices are located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. In 2003 Amway Europe opened the first Amway "experience center" - the AEEC, also in Vienna.[3].On June 26, 2006, the [UNICEF] Corner was unveiled at the Center.[4]

The central warehouse is located in Venlo (Netherlands), where orders for Europe are distributed.


Known qualifiers at Diamond and above.

Crown Ambassador

Nusshold, Hans & Eva (2005)


Schwarz, Anja

Triple Diamond

Haag, Paul & Claudia (2005)

Executive Diamond

Mondel, Hannes
Rosmann, Franz & Karin
Albert Schermacher & Beatrice Rinalda (2005)

Founders Diamond

Mayerhofer, Josef - 2004
Ensfellner, Traudl & Willy
Golser, Elisabeth & Erwin


Bauer, Friederike & Johannes
Hitthaler, Margit (2004)
Kutschera, Maria & Rudolf (2005)
Kummer, Edgar & Isabella
Lutz, Dieter & Angelika
Mori, Martin
Neumeister, Erika & Franz
Stummer, Margaretha & Walter



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Partner Stores and Affiliates

  • Etel
  • WeinUnion
  • Candola
  • Valentins


Amway Austria partners with UNICEF to support child survival in developing countries through UNICEF’s Immunization Plus Program and the following programs [5] -

  • Through Amway Europe's support of UNICEF's work in Kilifi, immunization of children under the age of one will increase from 40 percent to 70 percent by December 2007
  • Business Run Vienna – all proceeds from sales of Amway T-shirts, spectator tickets and Lily-pins benefit UNICEF, as well as funds raised through a donation box and raffle
  • The Amway European Experience Center in Vienna sells UNICEF gifts, contributions are also collected through the One-by One-UNICEF-Corner donation box
  • Proceeds from the sale of Lily-pins, holiday cards and online donations
  • Raffles at various IBO events
  • IBO donations via order number (1€, 5€, 7€ can be added for UNICEF to regular product orders)
  • Amway Austria provides product donations to various kindergartens, children’s residences and orphanages, such as SOS Children’s Village

Since 2003, through Amway’s Pan-European partnership with UNICEF, more than 90,000 children have been immunized against the diseases that most threaten young lives




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