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DCA pin LQ.jpg
Qualify Legs: 40
or FAA Points: n/a

see also another special recognition: Ultimate Crown Ambassador and 100 Plus Crown Ambassador

The Double Crown Ambassador pin was requested by Nakajima, Kaoru, a business owner in Amway Japan, and agreed to by the local management. The request was a special pin to recognize the achievement of 40 Q6 legs in one year. The pin is two regular Crown Ambassador pins welded together. The pin was given to Nakajima by Rich De Vos during a recognition ceremony in 1996. The pin was supposed to be an individual recognition and goal for Nakajima but when business owner Holly Chen heard about this special pin, she requested one for herself. Amway agreed to this request but it was announced that this "unofficial" level will not become an official level and no other business owners will be allowed to qualify for this level in the future.

Amway does not recognize this level officially and you will find no reference of this level in their offical "hall of achievement" in Ada, Michigan.

Double Crown Ambassador qualification requires:

  • To qualify as a Double Crown Ambassador a qualified Platinum must have 40 legs qualify at the Silver Producer level for at least 6 months within the Amway Performance Year.



Nakajima, Kaoru (1996)


Barry Chi & Holly Chen (2003)

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