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Amway Hong Kong
Local Name: Amway (HK) Co.Ltd.
Launch: 1974
Est. # IBOs: 130,000
Est. Sales:
Est. population: unknown

Amway Hong Kong

Company Background

Founded in 1974, Amway Hong Kong is the pioneer market established in the Far East. Amway is also the first company to successfully introduce the concept of direct selling to Hong Kong. Like most Amway success stories, the Hong Kong operation had a modest beginning, with a staff of just four people. Today, Amway employs around 150 people with 100,000 Distributors and Privileged Customers. Amway Hong Kong has grown rapidly over the past 35 years and established a leading position in Hong Kong's direct selling market*.

Pioneer in Direct Selling

As the industry leader, Amway successfully builds up the corporate image by providing comprehensive business plan and high-quality products. In order to raise the professional image of direct selling business and the awareness of industry ethics, Amway advocated the establishment of the Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong. The Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong was established in 1979. As one of the founding members, Amway dedicates to maintain a high standard of business ethics. Several General Managers of Amway Hong Kong have served as Presidents of the Association. Through different events such as seminars, symposiums and exhibitions, it promotes the local direct selling industry and raises the professional image of the industry.

Recognition of Corporate Image

Amway believes that the prestige of a corporation is built over time. The company has successfully built its reputation and gained the trust of the Hong Kong people by providing excellent products and services for the past 35 years. According to a June 2009 survey by Synovate, conducted among Hong Kong people aged 15 to 64 who have no Amway connections, Amway is the most well-known and most reputable direct selling company.

  • Based on a Euromonitor study published in 2003, Amway Hong Kong was proclaimed the Leading Direct Selling Operator in Hong Kong in 2001

Amway Activities

Amway Earns ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation

Amway Hong Kong is proud to have received ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, confirming that the company reaches world-class standards in respect of the After Sale Services, inventory management, home delivery and shop delivery aspects of its business.

Earlier this year, Amway Hong Kong committed to receiving this accreditation as part of its drive for continuous improvement in quality management. Resources were allocated for the training of technicians and customer service to employees, with a full-scale review of the workflow and documentation involved.

Five years ago, the third generation of eSpring™ was launched in Hong Kong and quickly gained recognition from distributors and privileged customers. Phone surveys on after-sales service for the eSpring have revealed a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, from 90% in 2005 to 95% by 2009.

Amway Hong Kong is committed to the continued pursuit of service excellence and in 2011 will offer a further benefit for customers by extending the Warranty Guarantee period, one-stop delivery service (eSpring) and installation of eSpring auxiliary faucets.

Amway Service Recognised in Mystery Shoppers Programme

Amway Hong Kong was named as a "2010 Service Retailer of the Year" in the Supermarkets category of the Mystery Shoppers Programme run by Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA). Amway Hong Kong has attained the average scores of 95.21 - hits a new high record.

The award is clear recognition of the excellent quality of service provided at our Merchandising Centres. The participating Mystery Shoppers Programme organizations - over 140 companies in total with around 4,513 retail shops - were divided into 17 service categories.

In the Supermarkets category, there are 14 organisations participated with over 1,130 retail stores. The service performance of participating companies in the Mystery Shoppers Programme is carefully checked and monitored according to nine key customer service assessment criteria identified by the HKRMA.

Amway Wins HKPC Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award

Amway Hong Kong was proud to receive the "Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award - Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Team" honour in November 2010, recognizing the effort the company puts into serving the local community.

The Amway Hong Kong Volunteer Team was established in 2006. By 2010 there were 1122 volunteers, drawn from the ranks of Distributors, Privileged Customers, staff and staff families, regularly taking part in voluntary activities.

The Mark of Quality

Amway Hong Kong is proud to have been awarded certification under the Q-mark Service Scheme and Q-Mark Mystery Shopper Awards in recognition of the high-quality services provided at its Amway Hong Kong Merchandising Centres.

The customer focus built into the Amway business leads us to take a proactive approach to designing quality services and products that best suit our customers' needs. At the same time, our front-line colleagues receive rigorous training to ensure the service they provide is always professional and hospitable.

Amway Wins Lisa's Quality Life Award for Third Consecutive Years

Amway Hong Kong was delighted to receive the "Best Direct Selling Company" honour at the 2010 Lisa's Quality Life Awards - the third year in a row for the company to get this recognition. "Lisa Living" is one of the most recognized magazines in Hong Kong. The main objective behind the Lisa's Quality Life Award programme is to spotlight high-quality brands for the reference of consumers, and to recognize those brands that have made a special effort towards continuous quality improvement. The award ceremony was held at the Island Shangri-la Hotel on August 20, 2010, with Mrs Louisa Chan, General Manager of Amway Hong Kong, receiving the award on Amway's behalf.

Amway Hong Kong Honoured at HKAEE

Amway has shown a strong commitment to environmental protection, and its efforts were recognised at the recent 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).

Amway Hong Kong took the Silver Award in the Sectoral Awards (Retailers) scheme. The HKAEE is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious and reputable environmental award schemes in Hong Kong. Its Sectoral Awards encourage business and organisations to adopt green management practices, honouring those companies with an outstanding performance in their respective areas.

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Amway Office

Address: Room 801, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 2969 6333 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm (except Public Holidays)

Amway Experience Centre - Kowloon Merchandising Centre

Address: 15/F, Park-In Commercial Centre, No. 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok Tel: 2969 6300 Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm (Closed on New Year Day and Lunar New Year Holidays)

Amway Tuen Mun Merchandising Centre

Address: Shop Nos. 3 & 4, G/F, Sun Court, Yan Oi Tong Circuit, Tuen Mun Tel: 2452 2828 Opening Hours: 10:30am - 7:30pm (Closed on New Year Day and Lunar New Year Holidays)

Island Merchandising Centre

Address: G/F, 186 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tel: 2969 6300 Opening Hours: 10:30am - 8:30pm (Closed on New Year Day and Lunar New Year Holidays)

Amway Macau Merchandising Centre

Address: Rua de Pedro Coutinbo, No. 52 Edificio Hio Fai, R/C Tel: (853) 2852 7888 Opening Hours: 1:00pm - 8:00pm (Closed on New Year Day and Lunar New Year Holidays)

Awards and Recognitions


Founders Crown Ambassador

Fu, Clement & Anita 傅南生 & 吳彩雲 (2014)

Crown Ambassador

Cheong Pui-kuong & Joanna 张培光.赵丽仪 (2015)


Triple Diamond

Li, Arthur & Juni
Ng, Daniel & Theresa
Liu Te Pei & Jin Mei 刘德沛 金梅 (2014)

Double Diamond

Choy, Jackson & Dorothy
Lo, Paul & Paula
Lucia, Chu
Ng, Anman & Gigi (2004)
Yu Seng Kwong & Wai Ying
Yung, Tony & Elaine (2007)
Alfred Ho & Angela 何劲龙,张芷华 (2016)
Chan Boe & Jolly Tsang(2016)

Executive Diamond

Li Man Bong & Quintina 李文邦.梁靜文 (2014)
Chan Hillman & Rosalind
Chan William & Fanny
Cheng, Simon & Hu Ginghua (2011)
Lam, Edison & Sawin (1999)
Li Yat-hong & Choi Ling-por (2008)
Ng Bill & Mabel
Tse Yan Enosh (2014)
Yuen Tony & Lily
Lai, Benny & Cora (2015)

Founders Diamond

Chan, Hin Tong & Regina


Amanda & Byron Wang 王麟生.吴宝卿 (2013)
Ben Fu & Moon 傅文峰,黄月明 {2013}
Chan, Ellina (2007)
Cheung, Kai Ming & Judy
Chu, John & Betty
Chu, Simon & Linda
Fu, Chen Chien & So Hok
Fung, Ho Ling (2006)
Hoi Ngai Loon & Ngai Ching
Hui, Hok Keung & Maria
Janus Ho 何欣怡{2014}
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