Han Shi Rong

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Han Shi Rong韩世荣
Pin: FAA55 Founders Council Member
Markets: China

The Plum Blossom

LOS Upline: Barry Chi & Holly Chen
Notes:also Executive Diamond (2013) in the United States and Platinum in New Zealand

aka 韩世荣





When Shi-Rong Han steps into a room, people notice. “They say I look younger and younger” since using ARTISTRY® skin care products, she says. (Her new favorite is the intensive skincare renewing peel.) “People often think I’m my son’s sister!”

Even more glowing than her skin, however, is Shi-Rong’s love for the AMWAY™ business opportunity. She simply has to tell others how an AMWAY business can “help you achieve all your dreams and goals.”

Even ones you didn’t know you have.

When Shi-Rong learned about the AMWAY business opportunity, she was working as the manager of a governmental foreign trade company in China. “I was very critical of others, because of my work,” she says, marveling at how today she loves encouraging others.

Shi-Rong also fretted about the upcoming selection process her son, Shi Han, faced going into high school. In China, she explains, what school you attend determines which colleges you can hope to get into. “When I learned about this opportunity, I saw the possibility of sending Shi to a private school.”

Not only was she able to achieve that dream, she was also able to leave her job and concentrate on building her AMWAY business, which now spans the globe. (She is at 45 FAA credits in China. Shi, who has since graduated from college, now helps with the business.) “We’ve enjoyed having more time to spend together as a family and to travel the world,” Shi-Rong says.

Of these benefits and more, she says, “I didn’t expect this much!”

Today, her focus is on helping others see the potential in the opportunity. “The most valuable dream I have is helping others with their AMWAY businesses,” she says. To that end she works tirelessly. Yet helping others “doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s really fun!”

From a "World of Stars" book:

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