Renfrow, Rex & Betty Jo

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Rex & Betty Jo Renfrow
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Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Bill Britt

When the Renfrows began their business in 1972, they were excited because they saw a chance to have some of the nice extras of life, instead of just barely making ends meet. Rex was employed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Betty Jo says, "We just wanted to earn enough extra dollars each month to be able to afford to eat out once in a while, even if only at a hamburger stand."

Since 1972, the Renfrows' "hamburger out" has long since given way to gourmet dining in the finest restaurants, and practically anything else their hearts desire.

Travel is one of their favourite things. Rex and Betty Jo make frequent visits to many of the top resorts and beauty spots of the world. This includes their beautiful waterfront home on four acres on the Chesapeake Bay, where they enjoy their three wave runners, ski boat, and houseboat with family and friends.

The sense of personal freedom and the time to enjoy the family is one of the greatest benefits of building their business. While the Renfrows freely admit they were drawn to the business by the opportunity they saw for bettering their financial situation, they have found that the positive spirit and friendship of the people have enriched their lives. "We got in for the money, but we stayed in for the people," the Renfrows say.

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