Pappalardo, Vinny & Dayna

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Vinny & Dayna Pappalardo
Vinnie and Dayna Pappalardo.jpg
Pin: Crown (2019)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Durso, Charlie & Ann


Diamond 2008
Executive Diamond 2013
Crown 2018

Vinnie Pappalardo had a large retail furniture store for 16 years in New York until circumstances forced him to close the business, losing everything. He was working three jobs, seven days a week, when he was first introduced to the Quixtar® business opportunity. He immediately saw the opportunity as a way to get back in business for himself for a low start-up cost.

His wife, Dayna, didn't become excited about the Quixtar business opportunity quite as quickly. Like many who first view the Plan, she feared it was just another demand on her already busy schedule. Dayna quickly realized, however, that the rewards were directly proportionate to the effort put forth, and she committed to the business.

Today, the Pappalardos' Quixtar business is their sole source of income and has helped them overcome all their debt. Even better, they feel they have more time to enjoy their family life, and they look forward to passing their business on to their family for generations to come.