Vicinanza, Edward & Elise

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Edward & Elise Vicinanza
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Melillo, Ray & Joanne

It was destiny. Ed had been approached about this business five times before he decided to get involved. Every time he had seen the business plan, he got excited about the opportunity, but his friends and family told him, "Don't do it. It won't work."

Ed's dream was to be free from a job by the time he was 30, but he was working hard in the wrong system. After having "one of those days" on the job, he knew there had to be a better way. That's when a friend of his asked him if he wanted to do what he was doing for the rest of his life. Ed said, "No way."

His goal was to retire by the age of 30. His friend said he had a way for Ed to reach that goal. And the rest is history. When Ed started his marketing business back in 1983, he already had a newspaper business and two delis. He was working 100 hours per week. Ed built the business to Platinum as a single in 24 months and had broken one Platinum.

Ed and Elise met in Yonkers, NY, when they were teenagers and were great friends for many years. Then, in 1989, they were married and started to build the business together. Elise says Ed's belief, faith, and conviction about this business was so strong that she wanted to help him achieve his dream of freedom. Her first major business conference changed her whole outlook on this business. She saw many people becoming free through their business and knew that if they could do it, so could she and Ed.

Elise had pursued a career in retail management for 13 years. Two years after she and Ed were married, she quit her job and became free. A year and a half later, Ed lost his traditional business, but because they had built their marketing business, he never had to go out to find another job. It is a dream come true for Elise to be a business owner and still be able to be at home, raising their three children. With someone to clean their house, a secretary, and an accountant, Ed and Elise are enjoying their roles as full-time parents.

They recently fulfilled another dream, moving into a 15-room house in Wesley Hills. With businesses all around the world, the Vicinanzas look forward to sharing the dream of financial freedom with others. They both feel the association with the winners in this business has made their marriage stronger and has helped them raise their children with a more positive outlook on life.

"We thank God for our entire upline, for helping us and sharing the dream of freedom. This business always gave us hope, even through the struggles."

Downline Diamond

Vicinanza, Edward & Elise, Diamond, UR Association