Sestina, John & Bobbi

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John & Bobbi Sestina
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Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States

UR Association

LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia

Through the growing city of Columbus, Ohio, drive two shiny Mercedes Benz automobiles. Their drivers are the children of a Czech who narrowly escaped the ravages of World War I, and a Slovak who became a coal miner in West Virginia. Their history is typically American, as is their attitude and spirit about entrepreneurship.

John Sestina, in the convertible, heads to his office. Named the first Financial Planner of the Year, John is highly respected in his field. National publications quote him frequently, and it wouldn't be uncommon to turn on a TV news program and see him as a guest. Bobbi Sestina drives the sedan, headed for the Childhood League School, a center for children with developmental delays, as a volunteer teacher and paediatric nurse. The League has awarded Bobbi the Outstanding Service Award.

After working a short time in a financial planning business for someone else, John decided to strike out on his own. "In a very short time, I had the largest financial planning firm in the entire country. "My only mistake was in my choice of partners," John continues. "When I found out he was less than honest, I spent a year, trying to untangle the mess. To disassociate myself from my partner, I signed over my share of the business, losing everything. I physically collapsed because of the stress, and with my body so weak, I developed a type of pneumonia that is often fatal. I lapsed into a coma and almost died.

"A physician, my best friend, drove over from Springfield every night to care for me." The physician turned out to be the one who introduced the Sestinas to the business. When people heard that John was back on his feet, they started calling him to do their financial planning. He again has one of the most successful financial planning offices in the nation.

Though the Sestinas may take off in opposite directions to pursue their professional interests, their paths converge most often at their home, Christmas Tree Hill, where they enjoy spending time with their daughter, Alison, and their friends. It's there that they all enjoy music and other pastimes. Bobbi is an exceptional chef, and John practices Burmese Bando Boxing and is one of only 100 Bando black belts in the U.S.

"Most businesses or professions pull husbands and wives apart," says John. "This is one of the few businesses where you can work together. I didn't marry Bobbi so she could wash my clothes or make my meals, I married her because I wanted to spend time with her."

John adds, "In financial planning you trust no one. In this business, you trust everyone