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Charlie & Ann Durso
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Valerio, Runzie & Jean

For years, Charlie and Ann Durso commuted three hours every day to Manhattan, 'the city that never sleeps.' Today, nestled in their peaceful Pennsylvania setting, Charlie and Ann look back to those days and cringe. "There's no air-conditioning on the subways," says Charlie. "And in the winter, there's no heat. It's so crowded you can barely get inside. There's graffiti everywhere, and you'd witness two fights a week." Adds Ann, "You literally risk your life in the subway."

In Manhattan, Charlie saw people stressed out from their jobs, suffering in silence under the duress of corporate politics. Charlie hated his accounting job. "When I saw this business, I viewed it as a vehicle, as my way out," he says. "I wanted to be free." Today, the Dursos, who met as teenagers while living in the same Brooklyn neighborhood, rarely ride the subways. Instead, they have more time to spend with their sons, Charlie, Jr. and Danny, and their daughter, Dayna.

Ann left her job as a travel agent in 1982 to start their family.

Charlie left his job in 1990. Says Ann about their business, "It's given me the best of both worlds. It's given me time with my children and a career as well."

The Dursos are optimistic that more people in their area will take advantage of the same opportunity they recognized in 1981 when they started their business. "I believe totally that New York is a sleeping giant for this opportunity," declares Charlie. "More than 17 million people live in the tri-state area of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. That's powerful potential. We're educating people in New York on what this business is really all about. They're beginning to realize that there's life after the subway!"