S. Paulraj & Sagayamary

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S Paulraj & Sagayamary
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Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Newball, Hal & Michele
Website: http://www.brittindia.com
Notes:Went Emerald to Double Diamond in 3 years from sep 2006 to aug 2009 and broke 4 diamond legs and in year 2010 they broke 3 more Diamond Legs. They are first Indians to have 7 Diamond Legs

Double Diamonds S Paulraj & Sagayamary (Electrician & Staff Nurse,Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu)

To begin with, we want to thank God for showing us the Amway business opportunity. We also want to thank BWW for always being there with us.

Today, we have three cars and our own house. We have a good lifestyle and have also gone on several foreign trips. Our business is also growing steadily. We are blessed with a lovely daughter, Monikha. She is studying in the tenth standard, and is also enjoying a good lifestyle.

Our vision is to help as many people as possible to receive what we are receiving today and help our society.

I was an Electrician and my wife was Staff Nurse. At that time we were in lot of debts, and lived in a rented house. I remember. I had paid five dues to buy a bicycle.

But, I was always a hard and sincere worker. I did many things to come out of my debts. I started an electric service centre. But, I was forced to shut it down due to issues in the partnership. Next, I started a bakery shop. I used to get up every morning and open the shop at 4.00am, and manage it till 7.00am. Then I would rush to the factory at 8.00am after handing over the cash to the cashier. I would then again return to the bakery shop at 5.00pm and close it at 11.30pm. Next morning I was up again at 4.00am. This had become my routine everyday. Those were terrible days. I worked hard, but due to stiff competition I had to shut it down too. But, we never compromised on our dreams.

We constantly prayed to God to show us a business that did not require heavy investment, but had great potential. After six months of consistent prayers, God showed us this business opportunity through a Doctor with whom Sagayamary was working with. We grabbed the opportunity immediately. It was May 1998.

As we began building this business, we understood and strongly began to believe that this business can give us things which other people could not enjoy, if we invested our efforts without looking back.

We worked with our downlines sincerely. We maintained a good relationship with all. With the grace of God we registered constant growth. I came into this business fulltime in the year 2000, and Sagayamary followed suit in 2001. The secret of our success is consistent efforts. We faced lot of problems, but we never lost focus of the solution.

Thank you God. We have come to understand and believe that the real happiness in life is in finding God’s purpose for our life and working towards it.

Now we are fulltime Dad and Mom to our blessed daughter, Monikha. The lifestyle she enjoys is awesome.

Finally, our heart-felt thanks to Bill and Peggy Britt, our mentors: Dr Newball, and our Country Mentors: Kanti & Lata Gala for always being there with us.

Downline Diamond