P.Jayalakshmi Ananthakumar

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P.Jayalakshmi Ananthakumar
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: S. Paulraj & Sagayamary
Website: www.brittindia.com

P.Jayalakshmi Ananthakumar I was working as a Govt. School Teacher, and my husband has done his MBA and works as Civil Engineer in the Public Sector. We are blessed with two lovely children: Janani & Balaprakash.

We come from a humble background, but have advocated with strong ethical values and big dreams. Even though, we had fairly good jobs, we awaited an opportunity to become wealthy as we understood that a job meant JUST OBEY BOSS. Besides, a job can never offer a wealthy lifestyle.

By Gods grace, we were introduced to the Amway opportunity through a friend. It did not take us long to understand its immense potential, and decide to join it. After attending a BBS, we reaffirmed our decision and began to build it wholeheartedly. With the help of our upline mentors we achieved great levels of success. We made a firm resolve stay in this business as it was our trusted solution to achieve our dreams. After all, direction of your life is defined by the decisions you make.

We feel proud to be a part of the BWW system. If Amway is a locker having wealth & health, then BWW system is the only "KEY" to access it. This business has given us lifestyle, early retirement, financial security, filtered friends, foreign tours, and the opportunity to help people live better lives.

Any dreamer can build a successful business with the help of the BWW system & uplines mentorship. All you need is determination and belief in oneself.

The KEY = Knowledge + Effort + You