M.Kannan & M. Nirmaladevi

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M.Kannan & M. Nirmaladevi
M Kannan & Nirmala Devi.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: S. Paulraj & Sagayamary

I am a Technician and my wife was a School Teacher. We are blessed with a lovely child, Shubashree. The Amway business came to us like God’s gift through a good friend.

This is the only business through which we not only learn to dream, but also can bring them into reality. We initially began building this business with doubts, fears, and weakness, but we were ready to learn, change and work hard to fulfill our dreams. We are grateful to our sponsors who inculcated in us the urge to consistently and persistently work towards the goals, and also helped us associate with a business having such high ethics and values.

We are proud of our team mates for their united, committed efforts; without which our success would not have been possible. We also take pride in Amway’s commitment towards the environment with quality products. This has helped us make product demos with great excitement, enthusiasm and pride after every STP.

You need to proactively work towards building this business successfully. You cannot expect to succeed without putting in the efforts. To stay excited you can always listen to the leaders tapes, watch their lifestyle videos and also attend functions. This will also help you gauge the true potential of this business.

This business is unique. It gives you an opportunity to help people succeed as you succeed. Make the most of everything it has to offer.