Dr T Rajendrakumar & Dr R Kannaki

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Dr T Rajendrakumar & Dr R Kannaki
Dr T Rajendrakumar & Dr R Kannaki.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: S. Paulraj & Sagayamary
Website: http://www.brittindia.com/

Dr T Rajendrakumar & Dr R Kannaki

We are both Doctors, and practice full time. We are blessed with lovely sons: Pranesh & Pranuv.

We were doing pretty well in our profession. We were busy in our practice when we were introduced to the Amway business. What appealed to us about this business was the residual income one could earn and secure his generations to come.

However, our busy schedule did not permit us much time for this business in the initial days. Besides, we were also a little afraid of meeting failures. But, we are thankful to God that he gave us such lovely uplines. They encouraged us to continue building this business. We are glad that we stuck around.

Our families did great sacrifices when we build this business. Today, thanks to this business, we can enjoy free foreign trips, secure future, and time and money freedom.

We have always wanted to give back to the society. Today, because of this business we can think about investing the expertise of our profession to do some charity.