G Jayaprakash & Nirmala

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G.Jeyaprakash & Nirmala
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: S. Paulraj & Sagayamary
Website: www.brittindia.com

G.Jeyaprakash & Nirmala

I come from a typical middleclass family, but I have always been a big dreamer. After completing my studies I started a traditional business. But, I always believed that there is more to life than what I currently had. Then one day, by God’s grace, I was introduced to this great business opportunity by one of my customers.

Like everyone else, I too initially failed to gaze the true potential of this business. However, soon my perception about this business and its potential took a complete 360º turn after attending a major function.

I made up my mind to build this business, and began working towards my decision. Though the journey wasn’t easy and the results took some time, but I pursued it single-minded and soon the results began to show.

Today, thanks to the Amway business, I have retired young and rich. I have time, life and style. It truly feels great to know that my decision was right.

I also feel proud to be a part of the Britt System which was instrumental in helping me work towards my success. Anyone who aspires to have a successful Amway business, and is ready to put in the right efforts can become successful with the help of the BWW system and the mentoring of your uplines.

The Amway business is not a money making business, but rather is a life changing business. Believe in this business and work towards it religiously, success will