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Ricky Ng Thong Kok
Pin: Founders Double Diamond
Markets: Malaysia

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LOS Upline: Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen

Ricky became Diamond at the 24 years old. The youngest Diamond in the world that time.

Downline Diamonds

Success Story

An Inheritable Business

A gift from dad

In 1976, my dad used his pension money to buy me a precious gift – a Honda motorbike. It might be just a 70cc bike, but it was a dream come true for a teenager like me. Having a bike allowed me greater mobility at work. With more self-confidence, I travelled all the way from Perak to Kuala Lumpur to find an opportunity to pursue my dream instead of living from hand-to-mouth. I knew I was seeking a path that could lead me to success. There were plenty of business opportunities in the city but all required that you fulfil certain basic requirements to be given a chance. I will never forget those bittersweet experiences during my first 3 years in KL. In February 1979, I was introduced to Amway – an opportunity I had been waiting for. I started building my Amway business on a small-scale part-time basis using my bike. It has been 27 years and since then there have been many stories and touching moments, which will serve as fond memories. Today, the once small-scale part-time business has developed into an inheritable career that promises utmost financial security. Now, even though I own luxury cars of varying models, I have not forgotten the little Honda bike that was once my constant companion. I am indebted forever to my dad for giving me this invaluable gift that has changed my entire life.

A Dream in the Making

To achieve your goals, you need to plan your success every step of the way. Look at successful people. Even the way they dress projects success. This doesn’t mean wearing only branded clothing, but you must keep a professional image, think positively and be encouraged by inspirational words. You must present yourself as a successful person from the inside out. There must be a plan inside your heart which you can see confidently. Only then will you be on the right path to success. Confidence translates into hope. It is a powerful tool that can reenergise and bring unbelievable changes to your life! In fact, it all boils down to a battle of the mind. If you had understood this earlier, you won’t keep trying the same things in exactly the same way when you know it’s not going to work.

I still remember the time when my team member and I sold AMWAYTM products door-to-door on our motorbikes at a posh residential area as a test of our courage and to conquer our fear. Looking at those luxury condos, I told my partner I would build my dream home with an environmentally friendly concept there. Now 27 years later, I have fulfilled my dream thanks to the help from Amway. I conceptualised and created a house that is exclusive right down to its building materials. Ninety per cent of the wood used was derived from a huge, century-old residence.

It all begins with an opportunity. You must be able to see it and not let it slip away. Opportunity can be likened to an unpolished diamond. It takes an expert to differentiate an ordinary stone from an unpolished diamond. That’s why only those with a visionary mind know how to treasure opportunities. I believe everyone will get the chance to change their lives. Whether or not you will take the chance and make a difference in your life, that’s up to you.

Fact File

Whether you will accomplish nothing, or enjoy a fruitful life, it all depends on you.

Below are some facts:

In 1900, A. Winship tracked down the descendants of two mothers. The first one was Mrs Sarah Edwards who lived in the 18th century. She had 11 children and treated them with utmost love and respect. This family had 1400 descendants, of which 100 were pastoral staff, 100 were lawyers, 80 were holders of public office (including 3 United States senators, 3 mayors, 3 state governors, 1 controller of the US Treasury and 1 Vice President of the US), 66 were doctors, 65 were professors, 30 were judges, 14 were university principals, 1 dean of a law school, and 1 dean of a medical school.

Later he tracked down the second mother, Madam Ida Take, who led a self-indulgent life and finally died of alcohol poisoning. Madam Take had 700 descendants, of which 100 were born illegitimate, 181 were prostitutes, 142 were beggars, 46 were criminals who underwent labour reform, and 76 convicted felons.

These two mothers had such different impacts on their descendants. It is apparent that a different beginning will produce different end results. Now let’s think about your life. The effort you put in today will largely determine the life your family will lead in the future. Have you ever thought of having a family or a business group with achievements like this: 100 Direct Distributors, 100 Sapphires, 80 Emeralds, 66 Diamonds, 65 Executive Diamonds, 30 Double Diamonds, 14 Triple Diamonds, 1 Crown and 1 Crown Ambassador. If so, you have to take action from now. It begins with you.

My dad left me a precious gift – a small Honda bike to help me develop my Amway business. Today, I have an equally precious yet different gift for my family – an inheritable Amway business that can go a long way to help them succeed. Think of the gift you intend to pass to your family. What do you have in mind?

Code of Conduct for the Successful

1. Do not befriend those who seek troubles. Become partners with problem-solvers. 2. Never be discouraged by obstacle or objection. 3. Use your wisdom and determination to get hold of all necessary resources. Undergo proper training to achieve your goals.

Even an ordinary man can rock the world.

Success Story

1973 – started as an apprentice in Ipoh for only RM1.50 a day.

1976 – lone-ranger;

on my way to Kuala Lumpur in pursuit of my dreams.

February 1979 – my entire life changed after joining Amway. I was always on the go, leading an even busier life than my days as an employee. It was difficult at first; I had worked hard and persisted long enough, but still failed to yield any result or to generate income. My confidence was put to test, and the impact on me was enormous. For a fleeting second, I entertained the thought of running away and giving up. However, I managed to see the light beyond the tunnel and travelled on my own to Kuala Lumpur to pursue my dreams! “I must not quit without achieving my goals!” Failure was not an option – achieving my dreams was and will always be the only acceptable outcome. From then on, I realised the key to success lies in having utmost grit and determination.

1980 – Experienced immense positive changes in my lifestyle and financial plight.

1981– Started to fulfill my globe-trotting dreams with Amway where we spent countless wonderful times together.

1982 – At last, I successfully clinched the much coveted Diamond pin and began living a colourful life thereafter.

From 1982 to 2005, my everyday life took on a brisk yet fulfilling pace, there were challenges but also memorable moments of unending joy. You may wonder, in my position today, could there be any more challenges to face? As a matter of fact, life itself is a test that never falls short of challenges and legends. There are bound to be challenges as long as your demands and expectations towards life are high. Let me share with you my life experience. Despite my impoverished childhood, I had managed to overcome various setbacks and learn to survive under poverty-stricken circumstances. Those difficult times have taught me that destitution and suffering are the building blocks for true confidence and self development. Don’t give up; face up to each challenge and adversity to savour the fruits of success.

What do you seek in life?

• Most agonising – an impoverished childhood.

• Most helpless – having to wait and look for opportunities.

• Most difficult to achieve – finding a promising business opportunity.

• Most challenging – putting in effort and sticking to your goals no matter what happens.

• Most sought-after – success and the ensuing rewards.

• Most memorable – soaring over the world with Amway for 26 years.

• Most true-to-the-heart – eternal friendship.

I paved my way and created a legend of my own!

Hard work speaks louder than a thousand words!

A glorious new chapter in your life is about to unfold.

Live out your true self!